Hi!  I’m Nichole.  That is my baptismal name.  When I became an Orthodox Christian in 2006, I chose St. Nicholas as my saint.  I’m 55, been married for 33 years and have four grown children and two grandsons.  I’ve been a subsitute teacher off and on since l988.  Right now, I’m not working.  However, I do teach piano part time.  I love music, reading, studying about natural healing, my dogs and cats and taking walks.  My husband, Jim, is almost 61.  His baptismal name is Hermon, after St. Hermon of Alaska.  Jim almost lost his life in 2005.  We don’t take the gift of life for granted.  I hope you enjoy my website.  God bless each of you !


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27 11 2007

I stumbled on your website after I googled St. Ignatius Orthodox Church in Franklin, Tennessee. Long story, but I was looking for tips or becoming organized and saw Micheal Hyatt’s 90 day challenge. His bio mentioned the Orthodox Church.

I read a few of your posts and see that you are battling cancer. You mention natural healing. My Mom had colon cancer and emergency surgery in Jan 2002. She had half of her colon removed. Her colon had perforated and the cancer had spread to her lymph glands and a spot on her liver.

Through prayer, juicing, and supplements ($$). She is now cancer free! She had NO CHEMO or other medical treatment (other than the emergency surgery). The Chemo doctor said she would only live 3 months and he is not happy when he passes her in the hospital hallways.

May God encourage your heart.


3 12 2007

Dear Beth,
I tried to reach you by your email but it came back to me. I am greatly inspired by your story. Thanksfully, I have a doctor who has mandated that I take many supplements. She has a regular medical degree but believes strongly in natural medicine. Thanks for commenting!

6 12 2007

I may have made a mistake when typing my email address.
I don’t check daily, but I’ll try another address.


26 08 2008
Julie Kentwood

Beautiful blog Nichole! God bless everyone. Life is beautiful.

27 08 2008

Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


19 12 2009

Thank you for sharing your story. Many Years to you all, from Orthodox England.

Mark †

1 02 2010

Dear Mark,
I’m sorry for being so late in my reply. Thanks for reading my story all the way from England.


29 03 2010
David Dickens

I am glad to have stumbled across the blogs of you and your husband today. Many years!

17 05 2010
Fr. John A. Peck


Could you please contact me?

I’d like very much to reprint your story on coming to the Orthodox faith on Journey To Orthodoxy.

In Christ,
Fr. John

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