Nichole’s Slices of Life–Making A Comeback

6 07 2011

It has been about 18 months since I last blogged.  To be honest–the exceleration of Social networking  has really bothered me.  I don’t like to be around people who use their smart phones all the time.  Even at our family gatherings–it has become impossible to have conversations that are real.  I can be an “all or nothing” person–so I just quit blogging. 

However, at our annual family celebration of July 4th at our son’s home–I had a wonderful talk with my college professor brother.  He started a blog  ( last October and has found it to be a real outlet for him.  Since he teaches the art of writing for a living –he encouraged me to try free expression and quit being so bothered by perfection.  So that is what I’m going to try to attempt.

Anyone who has read my archives –knows that I love frugal and simple living.  So that is what I will continue to write about.  Jim has been retired for almost 3 years now.  We love being together and our goals for life are much the same.  We continue to be active at The Protection of The Virgin Mary Orthodox Church in Clarksville, Tn.  Our parish will have a 3rd birthday in August. 

We are especially excited because Fr. Peter, who is an army chaplain , will be back at Ft. Campbell, Ky in September.  He has been assigned to be our Priest-in- charge.  Fr. Peter helped moved our community off  base to Grace Lutheran Church in 2008.  Then he had to leave for his 3 year assignment as a chaplain recruiter.  He has flown in to be with us about once a month during 2011–since we didn’t have a priest.  We have also been very blessed to have Fr. Jonas Worsham from Chattanooga, Tn be with us a couple of weeks a month.  His leadership has been exceptional for us.

Jim continues to work at the alter with Fr. Jonas and Fr. Peter.  We are including a picture of Jim. Jim has always wanted a long beard–so I told him to “go for it”. 

Daily life and our Orthodox faith will continue to be the themes of this blog.  I am excited that I’m a 3 1/2  year breast cancer survivor.  Jim recently had a scare with a “cold nodule” on his right thyroid.  Thankfully, it turned out to be benign.

Today was a big wash day so I’m posting a picture.  I try not to use our dryer unless it is absolutely necessary.  That is my simple living for today.

I hoping that I can renew old blogging friendships and make an abundance of new friends.

God bless each of  you!




3 responses

6 07 2011
Brian Leslie Coatney

Glad to see you back blogging. I especially love the photo of the wash on the lines. Brian

20 10 2011

Glad to see you have resumed your updates… I have come back every few months to see what has been happening. Imagine my surprise to find several additions that I was unaware of.
Glad also to find all seems to be well with the family.
September last I went with a group from our church following in the path of St Paul from his landing at Kavala in northern Greece, the place of Lydia’s baptism, Philippi and down to Corinth.

All the best

20 10 2011

Dear Dewdrop,
I’m honored that you have checked every now and then. I kind of got back to blogging but have lapsed again. Maybe I can do better. So glad you had the opportunity to follow St. Paul’s path. St. Paul is my absolute favorite Apostle. I depend on his epistles a great deal for strength to get through daily life.

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