Nichole’s Summer Journal, August 21–Changes

21 08 2009

Wow!  I’ve been away from my blog for over 6 weeks now.  Sometimes, I just go through seasons where I don’t want to write anything at all.  It is certainly not because life has become boring or that anything bad has happened.

Life has been very full and beautiful these days.  Jim has come a long way since he had a terrible crisis in April.  At that time, it was thought he might need home health care.  Now through the counsel of his new heart doctor at the Veteran’s hospital in Nashville–his medicines are more balanced.  Jim has been able to live a fuller life.  He will always be disabled in that he can’t be operatated on but the right balance of medications, some exercise and a good diet has done wonderful things for Jim.  We are both very grateful!

During the summer–we always had Tuesdays off from the responsibilites of our two grandsons.  We did a great deal of driving around Western, Ky and our own county.  One day we put 95 miles on our car just driving around our county.  The farm land in our county and the other counties of Western, Ky is so beautiful and peaceful.

Alas, we are having to cut down on our field trips because I decided not to go back to work as a substitute teacher.  I spent a month going over the pros and cons of going back to work.  I have a hearing problem–especially with consonants.  If you say to me:  “Will you get the rake?”  I’m probably going to get you the cake.  Rhyming words are especially hard for me.  I have no problem hearing music or loud noise but getting those consonants straight especially in rhyming words is a real trial to my ears.  Thus , for that reason alone –I decided to give up the classroom.

I have enjoyed being with Jim all summer.  We established a routine of walking our dogs each morning.  I hated to give that up , too.  We are frugal people so we will make it.  I still have the responsibility of picking our grandsons up from school and keeping them for a couple of hours.  We did ask for Tuesdays off.  Even if we can’t go on one of our traveling excursions we can still play table games or watch some movies.  ( We get all of our movies from the library)

We are changing our internet service to a wireless service.  It was supposed to be changed this week but when they came out –it was decided that an outdoor antenna was needed.  The company will do that at their expense.  This new service will cost us $30.00 less a month.  Hopefully, that will happen by the end of next week. 

I’m also washing less and hanging out my jeans , towels, and sheets in the sun.  I’ve turned my central air up to 77 and I shut if off at night.  I’m excited about cutting costs.  I think it will be fun to learn how to live more frugually.

We are also excited that our third grandson will hopefully be with us by the end of September.  I’m looking forward to being around a newborn baby again.  I won’t be caring for the baby.  Sandy’s next door neighbor will be doing that but still there will many opportunties to adore this new little baby boy.

Things are going very well with our new priest at our parish.  This summer three new families have come.  Last Sunday, they were made catechumens which was very exciting.  Our priest is full of life and vitality and we are really enjoying him very much.

So these are some of the changes that have been happening.  After we get our new internet service–I hope to be blogging more.  For new readers, I recommend that you read the 25 chapters I have written about raising my family under the Vera stories.  I hope to get back to writing more stories in that category soon.

So for now–may God’s peace be richly and fully with each of you!




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23 08 2009
Frugal Trenches

Oh I’m so so happy about how well Jim is doing!

23 08 2009

Thanks so much for checking on us, Frugal Trenches.

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