Nichole’s Summer Journal, 6/26/09

19 07 2009

It is 8:10 a.m. Saturday morning–I’m catching up on my writing.  Yesterday the boys came at 8:00 a.m.  Jim sat out on the porch with them so I could finish getting my makeup on and make our bed.

I halfway thought of planning an outing for them but kept thinking the youth who worked on our steps would come by and to say goodbye. 

At any rate, the boys kept me busy race walking around the block as they rode their bikes.  Then they decided that all the furniture on the front porch should go to the side porch.  Next, they rearranged all of my plants.

During lunch John was mad that I didn’t have any more chicken nuggets.  He was also mad that I would not get him another soft drink. ( 1 is the limit for the day)  Sandy had brought over plenty of bottled water for them to drink.  The boys just were not interested in that.

Alex was quite content during lunch eating left over spaghetti.  I also let him roast a hot dog over the gas burner.  I offered John these foods too but he didn’t want them.  Finally he ate some packaged crackers that his mom had brought over for them to eat. 

Finally, the trauma for John ended when I acted scared that the boys had lost their arms.  They had pulled their arms in on their shirts so that it looked like they had no arms.  They laughed and laughed and we played that game for about 10 minutes.

After lunch Alex went to the store with me.  He was so precious while we were shopping as he sang to himself.  He loves to sit in the shopping cart and just sing very softly.  I enjoyed every minute of his singing.

While we were gone, John moved things around in our family room.  I must say he is a good organizer and has a keen eye for what looks good.  I complimented him several times.

Alex remembered the big dirt pile from where the youth had dug deep for our porch stairs.   He wanted to take a few of his cars and go play in the dirt. Sandy came shortly after he was engaged with the dirtpile.  She sat on the new steps and talked with us while the boys played. 

The Methodist youth from Wisconsin were going to have a block party to celebrate their week of work.  We were invited.  John wanted to stay with us and attend the party.  Alex was not interested. 

I was a little nervous about going to the block party.  However, it turned out wonderful.  Jan and  Brenda ( the adult helpers) and the youth who worked on our steps came and talked with us.  They all gave John big hugs.  The praise band was beginning to warm up.  They wanted John to go and sing with them.  Suddenly, John got scared and wanted to go home.

Jim and I were not going to turn down a BBQ dinner with the works.  So Jan sat with John while we got our food.  I placed enough food on my plate to share with John. John did calm down but he wouldn’t eat.  After we finished our dinner we said goodbye to all of our new friends and took John home.

It was only 7:30 p.m. but Jim was exhausted.  He has told me everyday for the last three days that he thinks his health is getting worse.

I read some and then went to bed.




One response

3 08 2009
Frugal Trenches

I’ll start praying for Jim again!

Hope you are well, it’s been a while!

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