Nichole’s Summer Journal, 6/24/2004

12 07 2009

Well, we waited and waited for the bus to drop the youth off today.  They never came.  The boys were with us today and they were very disappointed.  However, they worked me hard with having me race walk to keep up with their bike riding.

Around 10:00 a.m., I started making m list of how we were going to do our banking.  I like to get cash for my groceries for the month.  So I made a list of how many ones, five, tens, etc I wanted.  Jim’s check was in the bank.  This is his second Social Security check. 

We packed up the car to go to the bank and then later go to Maria’s home in Cerulean, Ky.  We had planned to eat lunch with her.  She served us a pizza for lunch.  Then she suggested that we visit her Mennonite friends, Jake and Rebecca.   I had not been to see them since last summer.

Jake greeted us.  It was unusual to have him home but the heat index had forced him in the house to rest.  Rebecca had taken lunch to her grown son who has his own home.  Later, she came back and we all got caught up on the happenings in everyone’s lives.

Jake took us to see all of their animals.  There were two new colts to see.  He offered to put John and Alex on a horse but they were scared.  There was piglet running around the farm.  Someone had dropped it off the same way folks often drop off dogs.  They decided to keep it and let it roam the farm and get fat.  He told us they would butcher it in the fall.  That made me sad.

As we were getting ready to leave, Jake offered to take the boys down the road in his little horse driven cart.  They boys were excited to have that experience.  We thougt he was going to be at the end of the road by the Methodist Church but when we got there –they were no where to be seen.

We drove back to Maria’s home and they were not there.  Finally, as we got out on the main road again, Jake and the boys were coming down the road.  They pulled in at the Methodist church.  Jake let the boys take turns holding the reins and driving the cart around the church parking lot. 

Our final stop was in Gracy, Ky where we stopped to get another .50 ice cream cone. 

When we got back to our home, we saw that the concrete for the steps had been poured.  We would have loved to see the concrete truck pouring the concrete.  We found out the youth had been at another home during the morning.

Later, that evening two of the adult workers came to take the wooden form off of the dried concrete.  Jim went out to talk with them.  I was already in my night clothes and didn’t get a chance to greet them.  What a day it has been.




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