Nichole’s Summer Journal, 6/22/09

5 07 2009

Ninety Methodist youth from Wisconsin began their volunteer labors in the older neighborhoods this morning.  We were chosen to have our concrete stairs on our side porch replaced.  We waited in anticipation for them to arrive.

Finally, a huge bus dropped off six youth and two adults.  The planning commision had ordered all of the materials.  It was a bustle of activity.  The mayor even came by to greet everyone. 

John and Alex (grandsons) didn’t wasnt to miss a beat of the activity.  I sat on the porch and read while the boys took in everything.  Finally, at lunch we let the workers have their lunch on our porch in private.  They also had some devotional time.

Off and on during the day– the boys would cycle to the C’s and we would chat a bit.  Mrs. C has a daily story of her worries over Mr. C constantly repairing his “old truck”.

In the midst of the day, Jim went to help serve lunch at the Salvation Army.  He brought home 12 loaves of bread and 5 dozen eggs.  We gave the eggs to the group to give to their cook.

The bus picked up everyone around 3:15 p.m.  Then the bus made the rounds to pick up all of the other youth and adults around town who were working on other houses.

Today, the youth tore out the old stairs, dug out the dirt in preparation for the new steps and laid gravel down.  There was enough gravel left over to replenish our driveway.

It has been a very busy day.




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