Nichole’s Summer Journal, 6/18/2009

28 06 2009

The grandsons brought their bikes with them today.  I got plenty of exercise race walking to keep up with them. ( I don’t allow them to venture out on their own)

We spent an hour visiting our elderly neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. C. The boys like to follow Mr. C around.  At age 86, he is still working on his truck and car.  His truck is 25 years old.  It was a gift to him –brand new–when he retired as a trucker.  It continually breaks down.  Mr. C has a huge water tank in the back of his truck.  He takes it down to the water treatment plant and fills it up  to water his 300 tomato plants. 

It drives Mrs. C crazy that Mr. C is still trying to manage so many tomato plants.  “Next summer, I won’t allow it.  This is the last summer for this foolishness.  I’m the one who has to worry when he the truck breaks now.” 

Mrs. C. broke a hip in spring of 2008.  She hasn’t gotten back to driving until….this summer. Mr. C.  has called her a couple of times needing to be rescued.  This couple does not have a cell phone.  Mr. C. has to walk to find a phone in order to contact Mrs. C.  This worries her to know end.  I told her that she should call me.  I’m home most of the time this summer.  I would be glad to rescue Mr. C. 

After we got home from the C’s. –Jim went to help serve lunch at The Salvation Army.  He enjoys doing this each week.  We haven’t had to buy or bake bread since he started volunteering.  The table is always full of donated bread.  It is good quality bread–most of it pound and a half loaves that are whole wheat and not made with fructose or bad cooking oils.  Jim usually gets enough to share with others.

Maria came to town for her weekly trip to the nursing home to visit her friend who had a serious accident when she was a young woman.  She is in her late 40’s and has been in the nursing home since she was 18 years old.  John likes to go with Maria to visit  Debbie.  When they got home, I noticed he had a orange soda and some chips.  The recreation leader gave them to him.  Naturally, little brother was a little jealous.

That afternoon we also took Mary, my friend, on an errand.  Then she treated us to an ice cream at McDonalds.  We went back to the home where she is staying and the boys played with water guns in her back yard while we sat on the patio and visited.

In the heat of the late afternoon, the boys wanted to ride their bikes again.  So I got another racewalk in.  At last, Sandy, their mother came.  I didn’t have to cook as Maria had brought me some of her leftovers to heat up.

After supper I went to water T’s flowers.  It is now 8:10 p.m. I’m very tired!




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