Nichole’s Summer Journal, 6/16/2009

28 06 2009

I had told grandsons, John and Alex that we would water T’s flowers. ( T is out of town for two weeks)  Suddenly, there was a large downpour of rain.  The same thing happened yesterday. 

Next, on the agenda was my getting ready to go to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned.  The boys wanted to go with me but I told them that would not work.  They then wanted to change things around upstairs in Vera’s room.  ( Vera is now living in Kansas City, Mo)  I told them that would have to wait until I got home from the dentist.  They had orders to obey their Grandpa while I was gone.

I had my usual six month cleaning.  My dentist always comes in afterwards and looks at my teeth.  He always tells me what a good girl I am for taking such good care of my teeth.  This time he told me that I was to have some xrays.  I thought.  ” Oh no–this is not going to be good news.  I didn’t get my usual compliment.”  I was right.  The news wasn’t good.  I had a cavity –my first one since 1993.  I know the culprit behind my cavity.  I ate too much hard candy while I was sub teaching.  It was a bad habit I developed.  I kept my pocket book full of candy.  Then when I went to pick up the boys at their school each afternoon after work–I would suck on 2 or 3 more pieces.  Even though I brush my teeth before bed—I know the candy was my enemy.

When I got home– I broke the bad news to Jim and the boys.  The boys just laughed at me.  We had plans to drive to Gracy , Ky to have a snack lunch with Maria.  Maria was working  as a postmaster relief person and asked us to visit her on her lunch break.  We then drove a little down the road to the Dairy Creme.  This is a ice cream shop that is managed by a retired couple.  The shop used to belong to the husband’s parents.  We enjoyed generous ice cream cones for .50 and no tax. 

After our lunch and ice cream–we drove the few miles to Cerulean, Ky where Maria lives.  We shopped at the Mennonite vegtable and fruit stand.  They also sell honey, jams, pickles etc.  I bought some tomatoes, cherry preserves and a jar of 4 bean salad. 

When we arrived home, the boys wanted to play upstairs in Vera’s room.  Alex let me read him some books.  We finished the day with their playing with their small toys on the kitchen table.  I was able to sit at the table with them and read a book.   Soon their mom, Sandy, arrived to take them home.

The ride in the country and the .50 ice cream cone was my favorite part of the day.




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