Nichole’s Summer Journal, 2009 Lake Malone

25 06 2009

We’ve been taking care of our grandsons three days a week.  The other days, Jim and I have been trying to find everything of interest in Christian, Todd and Trigg County in Kentucky.  Each night I write a short journal entry.  This is my entry of June 16, 2009 about our visit to Lake Malone.

We left our home about 8:45 p.m.  We ended up driving through Russelville.  We had stopped in Elkton and asked about getting to Lake Malone  on the two lane  highway 106.  We couldn’t get any real help.  It was a 57 mile ride one way .  The last 12 miles were two lane. 

We stopped at the camper site and asked directions to the lake.  What a beautiful lake it was.  We had to walk down an incline to get there.  We stopped and rested at a picnic table and were entertained by two young deer who were playing right in front of us.  Suddenly, they noticed us and fled. 

The  walking back uphill was very hard on Jim.  We ate our lunch at the picnic shed and then read our books.  It was so wonderful to be away from pets, phones and visitors.  I read my book , Simple Living by Frank Levering and Wanda Urbanska.  Jim looked through all the brochures he had collected on Kentucky. 

We left the park at 1:00 p.m.  As we headed out of Russelville, a terrible storm started.  I could hardly see the highway.  Thank goodness, it was not full of cars.  We had the highway mostly to ourselves. 

I turned off at Elkton and drove another 10 miles in the storm to visit The Country Pantry.  I was out of my dried pineapple and dried papaya and craved some.

We took another highway which led us through Trenton and Pembroke and arrived home at 3:00 p.m.  Jim was exhausted.  He learned from this outing that he can no longer climb hills.  He had to go to bed and rest before our Tuesday cancer meeting.

We were disappointed that the doctor who was supposed to speak to us didn’t show up.  We went home and ate beans and rice for supper.  What a nice full day.




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