Nichole’s Slices Of Life,16–Second Hand Road

14 06 2009

If someone had told me even three years ago that I would become familiar with downtown Nashville –I would have responded: “You’re crazy.”  I never liked to drive out of town.  It just wasn’t something I was interested in.  However, when Jim first became ill in 2005, I knew that I was going to have to learn how to take him to Nashville. 

The very first time we went for a followup checkup we got terribly lost downtown.  We had to stop and keep asking for directions back to Vanderbilt Medical Center.   I never did adjust to taking all of those interstates through Nashville and finding the right turn off.  Finally, my son told me a great way to get to the hospitals downtown.  I take I-24 to Briley Parkway West.  That leads all the way to Charlotte Avenue.  I count the streets down to 21st N. which becomes 21st S which leads right to Vanderbilt. 

I was so relieved to learn such a straightforward way to our medical appointments.  Then eventually I learned more about downtown–until now I’m able to rattle off street names and I know where most of the major hospitals are.  I’m learning about other adventures too.  We like to shop at secondhand stores.  Charlotte Ave. is full of interesting second hand shops.  We had never stopped at any of them until this week.  This past week we had two days that we had to be in Nashville.  Jim insisted that we visit all of the shops.  Actually, Jim knew something about a few of them because Vera and Jim did some shopping one day when she took Jim to Nashville.

On Tuesday of this past week we visited  The Goodwill Store on Charlotte Ave.  It was very clean and organized.  I found a 2 quart and a 1 quart stainless steel cookware that was actually made in the USA.   I haven’t had a good set of cookware in 30 years.  I was so delighted with my find.  Next we went to a place called THE GREAT ESCAPE.  It sells used cds, dvds, old lp albums, etc.  The lp’s interested me because I couldn’t imgaine why anyone would want them.  I was told they are the latest rage.  People can buy some kind of gadget to attach to the computer that will download the albums on to the computer.   They were having a sell in the back of the store where all kinds of cds just cost a buck.  We learned that they also  have a second store on Broadway.

After our shopping we went back downtown to visit our favorite eating place-The Alektor Cafe&Books. We sat for about an hour and a half just enjoying a leisurely lunch.  We ended up our day back on Charlotte visiting McKay’s used bookstore.  That place was huge and very organized.  They sold books, audio books, movies, old records, dvds, boxed television series etc.  Their turnover of merchandise is so fast that they have quite a stock of fairly new releases of all they carry.  We had such a wonderful time shopping there.

Friday found us back in Nashville for another brief appointment at the Veteren’s Hospital.  After we finished –we started our grand tour of used shops.  We started with THE GREAT ESCAPE on Broadway.  Then we visited the numerous shops on Charolotte Ave.  We visited the  Lion’s Club Thrift Store first.  Next we visited RHINO’S  used books.  It was very interesting and I liked how they had little reading corners with couches and tables.  However, I thought their books were too expensive.  I had found a book that I wanted that was $6.00.  I complained about the price –especially since it was a paperback.  The owner just snapped back at me about how he was trying to keep a good used bookstore open in his neighborhood.  I told him how I usually shop for used books on HALF.COM.  He told me that I could probably find my book for a few bucks but then I’d have postage.  So he finally took a dollar off my book.  He told me that if I bought three books –he would give me the 4th book for free.  I told him that I would take him up on his offer my next trip to Nashville. 

Our next visit was to the  SOUTHERN THRIFT STORE.  Jim found two never used cartridges for our printer for a dollar a piece.  I found a grab back of little toys for our grandsons for a couple of dollars.  Then we visited a store that specializes in global crafts.  It was interesting to look through all the crafts from around the world but it was too expensive for us.  Next we visited a vintage antique shop but again the prices were too high.  We ended up our day back at McKays.  We both took our time scouting out the entire store –just so we could gain a thorough knowledge of what they carry.  I only bought one book and Jim bought some very discounted cd’s. 

The two days that we had brief doctor’s appointments gave us the extra time that we don’t usually have to shop.  We had such a great time.  I told Jim: “I’m sorry that you are sick but at least we are having some good quality time together enjoying our shopping.”  We would never just drive to Nashville to shop.  Since we are in Nashville a great deal these days–it is fun to enjoy second hand road. 

I’m glad that I can find my way around downtown Nashville.  I have been pushed to learn something that I would never have chosen to learn on my own.  I don’t let Jim drive except around town.  With all of the medications that he takes–he gets too sleepy.  God has a way of working something good into our lives with  each difficult situation we face.  I have a dear friend who accused me of marrying Jim just to take care of me.  Sure I enjoyed Jim’s loving care in our early years.  Our marriage has lasted long enough that it is my turn to give Jim some loving care.  And together we will continue to enjoy our trips to Nashville to find our bargains.

July 7th is our next visit to Nashville.  We can hardly wait!

God bless each of you!




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16 06 2009

hi nichole,this is mary your very own back-seat driver to a good friend i have to tell you all who reads her blog that our nichole has come a long ways since i frist met her and jim. i’m from california. i think of the old jan and dean song,the the little old lady from pasadeana.!!! but the trips into nashville are costing prayer is that the dr. will want to see less of jim because his health is improving which in turn will improve my spending habits! but it is a joy to spend the day with my friends who god used to bring me into the orthodox faith. mary

16 06 2009

a comment about mary in the back-seat. nicole has really come a long way in her driving in a big city.i’m from california and i do believe she could drive on the 405 freeway.i think of that old song by jan and dean,the little old lady from pasadeana!!!! i only pray that jim’s health will improve and the dr. will see him less. for 2 reasons #1 jims health #2which will improve my spending habits. these two people in my life are a gift from god.they brought me into the orthodox faith,and the love they have for life. we spent the day out in the country (you do not have to drive far to get out of fort campbell country) last week,doing simple things,like having ice cream and stopping at an vegetable stand. god bless them both for bring the simple things into my life. mary

21 08 2009

mary’s points to ponder aug.2109 i wrote this for my spiritial jounal,but i thought it would be good to have other folks read this,just in case they are slow in making drs. appointments. nicole is a close friend of mine,she is, as most of you know who read her blog,is a cancer survivor. a beauitful woman who introduced me to the orthodox faith.she is a christian that st. francis had in his mine when he said:preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and sometimes use words.she has this sweet ,calming voice and personality.i remember the day that same voice came over the phone when she said:mary i have cancer. i couldn’t talk,i told her i would get back with her. then the tears came,and they didn’t stop until the doctors gave her the “thumbs-up”.if you listen to your body and it tells you to make an appointment with a doctor,don’t tell nicole.because she will jump into action faster then clark kent can put on his superman outfit.i told nicole,and within a day or two i had drs. appointments coming out the “yeng -yang.that’s what cancer surviors do. if nicole was not around i would not have went to these appointments.about twice a week that red-hair,red lipstick,maureen o’hara, jane russell look-a like.(i say this,with my humor)pops in with those two grandsons,who i love,to see mary.that’s what friends do. i’m confident all is well with me.that’s what doctor’s do. i have my orthodox faith. i know the church is a hospital. that’s what God does. mary

23 08 2009

Mary, this was too cute. I laughed and laughed. Believe me I am honored by your comments.

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