In Memory Of Sam And Katie

13 05 2009

Forgive me for not posting lately.  It has been hectic with Jim’s health problems.  Also, Vera has had a very serious bout with her lower back that kept her from making her May 6th flight to Kansas, City Mo. for her internship.  Seventeen years ago, she fell  43 feet and the older she gets–the more trouble she has with her lower back.  Hopefully, she will be leaving on May 22.

Inbetween all of these circumstances–we noticed that Katie, our 15 year old cat, was not eating much nor grooming herself.  She has had bad times before but we’ve always been able to get her interested in food again.  Katie had a bond with Vera that was special.  Vera always went the extra mile with our geriatric Katie.  Katie was so afraid of our dog.  She lived on our fridge.  We would put the dogs up to have special “Katie” time.  She always knew when Jim and Vera were going to play table games.  Her eyes told us that she wanted to be a part of the game.  So that would be one of her special times.


Jim and Katie

Jim and Katie

Jim liked to put Katie in his lap while he was playing table games.  He claims that she helped him win against Vera.  Friday evenings have always been our movie night.  Katie would know it was movie night and motion for us to take her off the fridge.  So we would put the dogs up and let her enjoy movie night with us. 

She didn’t always live on the fridge.  However, she has always been very afraid of things.  When we rescued her as a three year cat in l997–we still had our original dogs.  She lived upstairs for almost a year.  Then around the time Vera started college–Katie started living behind our entertainment center. 

When Sugar and Lucy got old–Katie began enjoying more freedom in our home.  Then in 2005–I had to put them both down.  That same day, Rudy came along.  I had never planned on getting another dog.  Sandy, my oldest daughter owned Rudy but gave her away.  Rudy was found in Cadiz , Kentucky by a couple passing from Georgia on their way to Chicago.  They rescued her and brought her back to the vet clinic where we live.  I was called and asked if I would get Rudy.  I made a quick decision to keep her.  And that is when Katie started living on the fridge.

A few months later another daughter asked me if I would take their dog.  I accepted “Tickie”.  The two dogs have always been a bit much for Katie.  So she has lived a very secluded life.

When Vera came home to help me through my breast cancer operation–Katie was so very happy.  I personally believe that Katie knew Vera was going to leave and decided that she no longer had the will to live.

The decision to end Katie’s life was extremely hard on us.  In February –it was also hard to have Sammie, a 12 year old cat, put down.  They both started going downhill very fast. 

In memory of these precious cats–I’m posting a video of them together back in October of 2008.  Katie loved Sammie –so occasionally Vera would put the dogs up and take them both up to her bedroom.  They really had a great time with each other that day.  So in memory of our dear cats—-I hope each of you enjoys this video. 




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