Nichole’s Slices Of Life, 11

13 04 2009

I didn’t get my Sunday evening words written.  However, I’m off today as I have to take Jim to the VA hospital in Nashville to see a cardiologist.  The VA health care in the closest thing I know in reasonable healthcare  compared to my United KIngdom’s friends healthcare.  We are very thankful for the years Jim spent in the Air Force  to enable him to have this care when he needs it most.

Jim was officially terminated from his job on April the 9th–so he lost his health care unless he pays for a COBRA plan.  I will be using the COBRA plan but it is way to costly for both of us.  Again, having the VA medical care saved the day.

Last week was my spring break.  We spent a couple of days with our grandsons.  I happened to make tuna noodle casserole  last Monday and John just thought it was the greatest.  I made a very large casserole in the morning because we just warm up servings in the microwave.  John wanted tuna casserole for breakfast, lunch and a late afternoon snack.  His mom never makes anything like that.  She grew up on tuna casserole but I guess it is just one of those dishes that she never really liked. 

I had to make John his own casserole to take home on Wednesday.  We also made pizza that day.  The boys are getting used to helping me make the dough.  They like to try to pat it out in the pizza pans.  I noticed this time that John is becoming very efficient in patting out the pans.  Little brother is showing improvement, too.  We usually make three pizzas.  It is a favorite meal they like when they come to my home.

Jim and I left Wednesday afternoon for an overnight trip to Lake Barkley Lodge.  I called it a “honeymoon” to the boys earlier in the week.  Their mom told me that John would not stop talking about our “honeymoon”. 

We had a wonderful time.  Eating in the lakefront dining room is always a special time for us.  Later we walked along the lakefront in the moonlight and followed behind some kind of water bird for awhile.  Finally, the bird realized we were following behind and so the bird took off into the lake.

Jim and I spent a great deal of time talking about his limitations and how we are currently dealing with them.  I tried to explain why I feel so protective and Jim seemed to understand.  That didn’t last long though.  Thursday night after we had been home for many hours–Jim chose to take a walk while I was in the shower.  Vera was not at home.  I was horrified and we had a big argument about it when he came home. 

I have much to learn.  My friend “Shadowlands”  has written on my blog that I need to choose my battles carefully.  It is easier said that done.  I pray for wisdom each day.  Yet each day I fail.

This is Holy Week in my Orthodox Faith.  We will not be able to participate until Pascha night.  I’m going to try to let Jim enjoy Pascha.  I’m nervous about it though.  My friend “Dewdrop” dropped me a personal note this morning expressing his concern about the possibility of Jim missing “pascha”.  I so appreciated his concern!

Well, I will try to get back on my Sunday evening blog next week.  May God’s blessings be with each of your during this week!





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