Nichole’s Slices Of Life,9

29 03 2009

I started out last week by waking up with a stomach virus that put me flat on my back.  Throughout the day–I got stronger.  I was very concerned that I wouldn’t be able to take my husband to the Veteran’s hospital on Tuesday.  Thankfully, I was able to accomplish that goal.

We had arranged to meet my brother who works in Nashville for lunch.  He had a terrible accident of falling down his basement stairs in November.  Brad underwent three surgeries–one of which was the wiring of his jaw.  I couldn’t believe how normal Brad looked.  What a miracle!  He is able to drive, work a normal day and he seems very healthy.  We are so grateful for his health being restored. 

Our actual appointment was at the MeHerry Medical Clinic.  We were very impressed with Jim’s doctor.  He spent an hour and a half going over all of Jim’s medical history.  We had asked Vanderbilt to fax all of Jim’s records.  This doctor was very grave though about Jim’s aortic problems.  He wants Jim to see the VA cardiologist and Vascular surgeon.   The doctor also worked on Jim’s medicines.  Some of them had to be substituted according to the VA list.  Our last stop was at the actual VA hospital for blood work.  They told us that Jim’s medicines would come in the mail.

On Wednesday, I started my first day of an eight day assignment of being the librarian at one of our elementary schools.  Librarians teach classes throughout the day.  Much of my work consisted of using internet programs that are transferred to a big screen.  I then had a writing assignment for the children.  The older children worked on Kentucky worksheets.

When I got home on Wednesday, Jim informed me that his new doctor wanted him to get a CT scan as soon as possible.  We decided that Vera would take Jim back to Nashville on Friday.

I had a break from our grandsons on Friday as their mother took them to the dentist.  I had only been home a short time when the VA doctor called to tell me how awful Jim’s CT scan looked.  He urged me to have Jim go to the emergency room if he has any bad pains.  That phone call kind of took my breath away.  I wasn’t much good for anything the rest of the afternoon.  I gave Jim the news when he got home but tried to be low key about it.  Jim and Vera had decided to enjoy some shopping at second hand bookstores in Nashville–and that delayed their getting home early.  Jim didn’t seemed very concerned about the phone call.  Vera was a little shaken by the news.

By Saturday, I felt better because we were told by the surgeon in 2005 that anyone new looking at Jim would be horrified.  This afternoon I read the reports from Jim’s MRI in mid March.  It stated that nothing was significantly different from his MRI in October of 2008.  We now have a copy of all the Vanderbilit records and I felt so much better.  It is not that Jim will ever get any better.  However, if he controls his blood pressure–he shouldn’t get any worse.

Crisis- is the name of the game this week.  Vera decided that she wanted to visit her old parish in Murfreesboro this weekend.  During Vespers last night the ceiling and wall of the alter was destroyed by a bad storm.  Most everyone had the glass broken on their car windows.  Vera took our Chevy Blazer but told us that our car was undamaged.  She is on her way home  as I write.  She did call to tell us that one window is shattered and about to break.  I’m not happy about that report of damage but I know many have much worse window damage.  So I guess I’ll buckle up and try to be thankful that we have miminal damage. 

Tomorrow I start another week as librarian.  There will be testing in the library all week.  I have to travel to each classroom.  The teachers are supposed to mark my websites onto their favorite’s list.  I will be using their “smart boards” to show my internet programs.  I will need a cubby hole to hang out in during my planning and lunch time.  I’m never comfortable with that kind of arrangement.  I guess I will survive. 

What an eventual week it has been with sickness, new experiences with the Veteran’s medical system  and being a librarian.  Lastly, dealing with a storm that took a hit at our car.  The Bible teaches us to be thankful in all things.  If I were getting a grade this week–I would assign myself only a C for thankfulness.  I have much to learn in that area.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and I will check in again next Sunday evening.

God bless each of you!




2 responses

11 04 2009

I am sorry to see that another violent storm/tornado has hit the Murfreesboro area.

13 04 2009

Thank you for your concern. We don’t live there but we used to attend church there and have many friends that we are concerned about.

your friend,

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