Nichole’s Slices Of Life,6

8 03 2009

Just a short blog tonight.  Jim had his 3 month checkup at Vanderbilt on Thursday the 5th.  An echo showed that he is bleeding where he should not be bleeding.  His aortic aneurysms were wrapped up in dacron last October.  It seems the blood is coming from that area.  We are going back to Nashville this coming Wednesday for a MRI.  That will pinpoint more where the blood is coming from. 

I did get to substitute teach for 3 days.  I was very sick with my sinus condition but I had classes those days that had instructional aides –so that was a blessing.  I did finally go back to the doctor on Friday and I’m on another round of medication.  I can tell a big difference since Friday and feel so much better.

John, my grandson, who I wrote about being angry with me in last week’s blog had a better week. 

There are so many suffering these days with unemployment, sickness, grief etc.  I want to focus on praying and thinking of others today and in the upcoming week.  Hopefully, I’ll have more to write about next Sunday evening.

God blesse each of you!




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