Nichole’s Slices Of Life, 4

22 02 2009

This past week was very full–with substitute jobs each day.  I’m still trying to adjust to teaching primary grades.  I don’t have to deal with the problems of cell phones, ipods, or seeing pregnant girls in the classrooms.  However, the little ones have their own problems of being obedient. 

I taught a first grade class on Monday.  Thankfully, I really only had to be a helper for there was a student teacher and an aide.  Tuesday and Wednesday I was on my own and had a rough time.  I had to ask for help from other teachers many times.  The pencil sharpener is the social hub and students just crowd around this hub.  These are the students who don’t really want to do their work.  I have seen this phenomenon for two decades of sub work now.   And what is really pitiful is seeing students with a pencil that only has a couple of inches left.  Students justs can’t seem to keep up with their pencils.  I have to laugh and try to keep a sense of humor –the “pencil crisis” takes up a great deal of each hour of classwork.

On Thursday, I had another easy day as their was a student teacher with my second graders.  However. Friday I was thrown to the wolves with some of the meanest first graders I’ve ever been around.  They just couldn’t follow directions or stay in their seats.  I wouldn’t take them out to recess because I was afraid someone would break a bone.  I was rescued later in the day by my good friend who is a part of my cancer group.  She was volunteering at the school that day and came and helped me for about 45 minutes. 

I suppose I will get used to sub teaching again.  I really have no choice.  My job will provide the money for the washers, dryers , hot water heaters etc that go out in the house.  It never fails that something breaks at least 4 or 5 times a year.  This is life and I feel sorry for people who never think to put a little money aside.  Life is full of these calamities–at least it has always been that way for our family.

Well, on the brighter side.  I’m very excited that my brother who lives in Denver, Co was chrismated into the Holy Orthodox Church on February the 15th.  He has taken the name of Matthew as his baptismal name.  He goes by the name of David on my web.  David was the black sheep of our family.  He gave my divorced single parent mom a very hard time.  We never thought David would overcome his tremendous anger problem.  But David has grown up a great deal in the past 20 years.  He has much to be proud of.  And his son– is currently in his second year of medical school.  So we will have a doctor in the family.  So we are very thankful for David’s Chrismation into the Orthodox faith.

Another great thing is that the company that Kirk, (my truck driver son-in law) has found work for him again.  He had a couple of slack weeks and the situation looked very dark.  We are all very relieved. 

I keep hoping that I can write on a daily basis but I don’t know if that will ever happen.  I’m totally zoned out after a day of sub teaching.  I’m in bed by 8:00 p.m. each evening.  But I just couldn’t let more than a week pass without sharing a few of my adventures.  Well, it is almost time for bed!

God bless each of you!




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1 03 2009

I can relate to your days with the first graders. I have a little 3 year old special needs client. Part of my duties is to accompany her to her pre school classroom full of special needs children. There are several boys with behavioral issues in the class. Besides trying to teach shapes, colors, alphabet, and the usual preschool forum, the teacher must deal with the “out of control” things that happen continually through the 3 hours. I am exhausted when it comes time to leave. I can’t imagine how exhausted the teacher is. I have nothing but the deepest admiration for teachers who diligently and consistantly deal with young students who are unaware of the basics of learning.

Listening and following directions is the foundation of any learning. It seems that is a major challenge in today’s children.

I don’t know what has happened in the past generation, but I do know that you cannot teach anything to anyone if they refuse to listen or if they lack desire to learn. You teach nothing to no one if they do not want to learn, period.

You are amazing and thank you for being one of the overlooked gems in our educational system…the Sub…

Keep on, keeping on, my friend and I find that I cannot talk in front of my aged and tired appliances. If they think that I have an extra penny, they decide to give up. After 4 month,I am still without a clothes dryer. After receiving the last electric bill, I decided that drying clothes indoors is the only way that I can afford it…

P.S. Praise the old car. Don’t say anything disparaging about it. It also wants equal time and equal money….*smile*

1 03 2009

Dear Shadowlands,
Yes, you do know by your experience with your 3 year old client–a great deal that goes on in modern classrooms. It is sad. I grew up being very afraid of my teachers. I would not have dared caused any problems in the classroom.

I’m sorry you do not have a dryer. I, too, have gone long periods without a dryer. I can remember when I was a sub teacher in the early l990’s washing 5 or 6 loads of clothes each Friday afternoon and getting to the clothsline early on Saturday morning just to hang them out. This worked well when the weather was good. I had to hang the clothes in the house in bad weather.

Yes, we have to let the old cars, washers, and dryers etc not to know when there is a little extra money. Yes, we do have to smile!

Your friend,

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