Nichole’s Slices of Life, 3

14 02 2009

I stayed home again yesterday from teaching school– because of my flu like symptoms and bad sinus condition.   I was taking my time getting ready for the day.  I chatted on the phone with my oldest daughter Sandy a bit.  Then I took the phone to another room to make a business phone call.  When I got back in the kitchen there was water all over the floor and going into the living room.  I started yelling for Vera and Jim to come help mop up the mess.  We don’t have carpet in our living room but the water was fast making it’s way to under my piano.  We got it mopped up just in time.  I mentioned  in my first “slice of life” blog about our washing machine dancing.  Well, it has danced one to many times and broke.

Jim started checking on the internet for prices of washing machines at Lowes.  We were surpised that they are manufactured now with either hot or cold water in the least expensive models.    We were not happy with what we learned.  Jim called Sears.  They had the same story.  Finally, we went to a local business that is run by a friend of ours.  He found us a basic model with both hot and call water for fair price.  So we purchased that model.  The delivery fee was part of the price.  

With everything cleaned up and knowing that our washer was going to be delivered –I went on to the walk in clinic.  This is my third sinus infection in 8 months.  I’m on antibiotics again.  I have let my study of herbs lapse.  This is a wake up call to start studying again.  I never had this much trouble when I was taking my herbs more faithfully. 

Having settled my medical problems–we did have a peaceful lunch. Vera had done the weekly grocery shopping to my relief.  I hate grocery shopping on the weekends.  With working now –that is bound to be my destiny once in awhile but at least this weekend I don’t have to shop.

Jim had rung out all of the clothes that were in the old dryer.  So I dried them and was puzzeled by a loud sound.  I finally turned it off for awhile.  The delivery person came and I was very happy to have my new washing machine.  The young man recognized me right away as a substitute teacher.  I knew that I had taught him.  And when he told me his name–the computer went off in my brain.  I knew him best from one of the junior highs when he was in the 6th grade.  I taught him for 6 weeks while a teacher was out with back problems.  I even remembered what he looked like as a 6th grader and how his handwriting looked.  It is uncanny how I can remember such details but I can’t memorize poetry, scripture or anything  else very easily.  I can quickly categorize where I can find the poetry, etc when I want to read it again but I am a poor one to memorize anything. 

After this young man left–I finished drying my load of clothing.  As I was taking the clothes out of the dryer and hanging them up–all at once a ball point pen came out.  Thankfully, the brunt of the damage was to one of my old sweatshirts.  Vera was the culprit this time.  She has a habit of carrying ball point pens in her pockets.  I had thought that I had checked all of her pockets. ( I have raised a family of 4 children and have never experienced this before.)  Vera had some nice dress clothes that went untouched.  There were splotches of ink on the dryer barrel.  I was furious and said a choice word.  That is not my usual character but I was just so frustrated.  I tried vinegar and baking soda, scouring powder, hair spray and nothing worked.  Finally , I googled “ink on dryer barrel” and found that many have gone before me to have faced this problem.  The over all remedy was fingernail polish remover.  I tried it and it worked.  I then took one of the wet towels that I had used to mop the floor up to clean the chemicals off my dryer barrel because finger nail polish remover can cause  a fire.  If you try this–please get a wet towel and clean the remover from the dryer.  Then rinse the towel out.   I also used the remover on my sweatshirt and took a brush to scrub it.  I rinsed it and tried again.  I then rinsed it for a last time and threw the shirt in the load  of towels that I had used on the floor to mop up all of the water.

Lastly, peace  entered our household.  Vera went to get pizza for our supper.  We ate by candle light and rejoiced that we made it through the day.  Oh, lest I forget it–our son came and fixed the siding that had torn  from the wind storm and did some shingle repair.  What a day!

God Bless each of you!




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22 02 2009

One of the children once left a pen in their clothing to be washed. Fortunately it came out and lodged in the rubber seal at the front without doing much damage. However I am renowned for leaving banknotes in my shirt pocket and they receive some unintended laundering. Look much better afterwards! Also I have managed to leave a couple of USB memory sticks in my shirt pocket and they have been through complete wash cycles. One of them maybe benefited from several washes before it was also found in the rubber seal. However I am glad to say that both recovered and are still working!!

22 02 2009

I guess these washer/dryer things happen to all of us at some time. Great to hear from you!

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