Nichole’s Slices Of Life, 2

12 02 2009

Well, I didn’t make it back to my computer.  Frankly, I’ve just been exhausted.  I taught for 3 days this week a class made up of kindergarten and first grade children.  I had an instructional aide to help me but it still took a toll on me.  I have to say though that I did really enjoy the children.  Small children can be bad but they don’t get up in your face and cuss you out.  I’ve had high school students who have done that. 

This  job was at  one of our county schools–13 miles from my home.  The damage from the ice storm was readily seen as I drove to and from school each morning.  And then yesterday, we had a windstorm of winds at least 50 miles an hour.  Driving home was a challenge yesterday afternoon.  When my grandsons walked in the door–they were telling me about a tree that had blocked the main road not far from our home.  We all walked down to see it.  There were barricades put up but the wind kept blowing the barricaids away.

Our shingles were coming off our roof  and a piece of our siding got ripped off our home.  Other neighbors were experiencing the same kind of challenge.

Our daughter Maria and her husband Kirk were at the house when I arrived home.  I could tell Maria had been crying.  Things are not going so well for them.  Kirk lost his trucking business in October and he can only find jobs that are temporary.  He thought he had landed a good trucking job where for two months he made a run to Florida twice a week.  He got paid well for that but the company lost it’s contract.  This time last year they were having many problems.  I wrote a blog about the agony of love and it is still my top blog of all times.  My heart goes out to my children when they struggle to do the best they can and all seems to go wrong.  Maria has part time work at the U.S. Post Office but every full time job she has applied for since Christmas –she has not gotten.  She will have full time work at the post office for the next month as it is the annual mail count.  All of the mail is counted for 4 weeks and this is how the salary of the rural mail carriers is determined.

I had a job offered to me today but spent my night with flu like symptoms.  I ached and had chills all night.  Jim kept loading the blankets on me but I couldn’t get warm.  I think the worse is over and I should be able to take a job tomorrow.

We still miss Sam the cat who was put down last Friday.  He was the sweetest cat and he loved to cuddle on a blanket beside Vera’s space heater while she graded her papers.  Oh, how we miss him.

Jim has been volunteering during lunch time at our local Salvation Army a couple of days a week.  He serves the food and helps wash dishes.  The Salvation Army had their yearly appreciation dinner on Tuesday evening.  Jim took me as his guest.  I’m so proud of Jim for making an effort to give his time to the great work of the Salvation Army.

Hope to vist with my readers in a few days!

God Bless each of you!




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14 02 2009
Frugal Trenches

Hope things improve for your daughter and her husband. Feel better soon!

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