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8 02 2009

I thought it might be good for awhile just to write at least every other day just short slices of life.  We will see how it goes.  I will get back to my book about our family life but for right now I just want to see if I can be more consistent with my blog.

On February 2nd, Sandy told us that she is expecting her third child.  The baby will be born in September.  John will be 7 and Alex will be 5.  Alex is very excited about this baby.  I’m not so sure about John.  He is a moody child anyway–and this past week has not been a good one for John.  He won’t talk to me when I pick him up from school.  He ignores every suggestion that I have for things to do in the afternoon.  And one afternoon–he had a major temper tantrum.  Well, I’m not throwing rocks at John.  After all, I’ve been the queen of moodiness for most of my life.  And Sandy is the princess of moodiness.  These last ten years of my life–I’ve conquered my moodiness for the greater part.  I hope it doesn’t  take John that long.  I don’t lecture or condemn him.  I just go about my business in the afternoon and if he breaks out of his shell–I’m there for him.

For other tidbits.  Sandy, Rob and the boys came yesterday to help clean up our yard from the ice storm.  The temperature was already in the 60’s.  It doesn’t make sense that we just had an ice storm and now people are wearing shorts.

On this Sunday, it was almost 70 degrees.  We had a beautiful drive to Clarksville, Tn. to our parish.  Grace Lutheran Church in Clarksville has been so gracious to rent us their original chapel.  They still use it for choir practice.  Each Sunday when we arrive the youth choir has about a 15 minutes choir practice.  We enjoy listening to them while we are setting up for our Orthodox service.  This morning we didn’t have a priest.  We had a reader instead.  This man is ordained to lead a service and even preach but he can’t give us Holy Communion.  It was still a lovely service.  I’m learning to sing alto acappella with the choir.  Our choir director is my former advisor when I was a college music student about five years ago.  It was a major surprise to get to know her as an Orthodox Christian.  I’ve learned so much about singing from her expertise.

When we arrived home–I decided to take a friend out to get a hot fudge sundae.  I’ve been a bad girl today.  I had sweets at church, a hot fudge sundae  and cheese cake for dessert tonight.  I can’t keep that up.  We are getting ready for Great Lent in a few weeks and I guess I have this craving to eat all of the goodies I can.  We are not supposed to have dairy products during Great Lent. 

In the Orthodox Church we have many Sundays of preparation for Lent.  Last week we celebrated  Zacchaeus Sunday.  This morning was the Sunday of the “Publican and The Pharisee.”   It is good to prepare our hearts through these Sundays for Great Lent.

I also gave Vera a piano lesson this afternoon and just enjoyed the beauty and warmth of a sunny day.  On the funny side–my washer was acting up.  I call my washer the “dancing washer”  when a load gets off balance.  That is happening more and more.  Jim was sitting on it to get it to settle down.  Oh well.

I hope to meet my readers again at least by Tuesday evening.  All for now from my little corner of life.




4 responses

9 02 2009
Frugal Trenches

What a lovely little corner of your life it was!

9 02 2009

Another grandchild on the way… congratulations!

And do please try to send some of that warmer weather our way.

12 02 2009

Thanks Frugal Trenches for checking in.

12 02 2009

Warm weather is really dangerous this time of year. We paid a price for it with an awful wind storm yesterday. Good to hear from you!

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