The Ice Storm, Sam The Cat and Jim

7 02 2009

I tend to be an all or nothing person which is why I don’t blog more regularly.  I always feel like I have to write an English composition to blog.  I’m going to try to do better with just giving more tidbits of what is going on in our lives.

First, a terrible ice storm devasted Kentucky on January 27.  We have all kinds of tree limbs in our back yard.  It is still a mess.  My son-in- law is supposed to come today to help clean everything up.  However, we only lost our power for about 8 hours.  Many here in Western Kentucky still don’t have power.  Kentucky has been declared a national disaster so federal money can now be used to help clean up everything.  There are still counties close to us that don’t have power.  Our school system was shut down for 7 days.  We took in our daughter Maria’s family for a few days along with her dog Shadrack.  Kentucky had a terrible ice storm in l994 but this ice storm is three times worse accoring to what I read in our local paper.  On my way to teach school yesterday morning–I passed by Pennyrile Electric Company and trucks were being loaded up with utility poles to take to counties that still have no power.  This power company serves about 4 Western Kentucky counties.  In the midst of the ice storm –our hot water heater also went out.  My son who usually helps me was very ill so I had to call a plumber.  I couldn’t believe we found a plumber in the midst of the ice storm but we did.  Because codes have changed –they had to find a completely new spot for the hot water heater and build an 18 inch pedestal for it.  It was a two day job because they had to leave and take other calls.  In other words, the plumber told us that they never devote one day to any one project.  We are thankful to have hot water and power.

Sam, our 13 year old cat has been sickly for about 6 months.  He has had a lump that has gotten larger and he has lost weight.  Still, he seemed to really enjoy his life.  The spark just wasn’t gone from his eyes.  However, Vera discovered that the large growth was about to burst.  She made an appointment yesterday for a consultation.  It turns out that the growth is a result of the injections that he has gotten for his yearly shots.  It is a type of cancer that can result from those types of shots.  In the beginning when we first discovered the lump–we decided that we couldn’t put money into saving the life of a 13 year old cat.  We decided to just keep him as comfortable as possible and put him down before he suffers too much.  So yesterday was the day.  He had a beautiful last day–enjoying the sunshine coming into our home.  It was rather warm yesterday.  He sat by the door just absorbing the sunshine.  He ate well and we cuddled him a great deal.  Vera and Jim took him to be put down.  He died in Vera’s arms.  We are already missing our dear Sam.  We found him in 1997 just after a county wide flood.  I took him to the vet and she said he was a year old.  I don’t think he had ever had a home because he had many wild ways.  It took months before he stopped tearing open my bread or other food stuff in plastic bags.  But he did finally become a domestic cat.

Now to Jim, he struggles so with his blood pressure either being too high or too low.  He has good days which seem almost normal then a bad day will happen.  Yesterday he couldn’t finish his breakfast.  He had to go back to bed and Vera said that he slept until 10:00 a.m.  After supper he had to go straight to bed.  His blood pressure had dropped to 80 over 40.  Vera has Friday’s off.  I’m so glad she was able to be home for her Dad and for Sam. 

I love my husband so much.  At night I hold him tight and cherish each moment we have together.  I don’t know if this cycle of good and bad days will ever end but I know I will do everything in my power to make Jim’s days beautiful.  People who give up on their marriages quickly and without thought miss out on the love that grows from sharing the good and bad of life.  Now I’m not talking about real abuse.  I’m talking about the little annoyances that drive many couple to divorce.  So I love my dear husband and that is my Valentine’s message to all.  Keep trying , keep  holding on to love.

God bless each of you!




4 responses

7 02 2009

Thanks for the wonderful Valentine message, Nicole.

Yes, many find that annoyances become unbearable and they loose so much by not finding their way through them. Maybe, they haven’t faced the idea of loosing someone that they truly love.

You were in the heart of this terrible storm. It was vicious and now, we are in the middle of a quick thaw. We had a terrible flood in June and now everyone is holdig their breath hoping that all of this snow and the forcasted rain doesn’t repeat that misery. The weather has been a topic on everyone’s mind of late and rightfully so.

Sorry about Sam. It is hard to loose those furry friends and his presence will be mourned.

Loss…it is such a hard thing to face.

Hold on to Jim for as long as you can. You and Jim are doing well no matter how unfamiliar all of this seems. Life, loss and change…all are things that make up our living here yet, they continue to be faced with hope and faith

Your friend

8 02 2009

I certainly hope that your area does not flood. The temperature was close to 70 degrees this afternoon. It is just crazy.

Yes, we miss Sam. I can tell that our other animals miss him too.

You are right that life is still good for me even though there have been many changes.

I appreciate your continued friendship.

Your friend,

9 02 2009

That’s wonderful, Nichole. Warms my heart on a snowy night!

12 02 2009

I’m glad I could warm your heart!

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