Introduction To An Aorta Adventure

18 10 2008

This is just a short note to tell my readers that I’ve been living at Vanderbilt Medical Center for the past two weeks.  My husband was lifeflighted on October the 3rd to Vanderbilt.  He had major surgery on his aorta three years ago.  More problems have developed.  A major surgery was planned but they were only able to patch him up.  He had so much scar tissure from the last surgery that the doctors were not able to find a place to hook up the heart and lung machine.  It is a long story.  I hope to start next week writing a detailed account.  For now– I’m dealing with getting my husband on a schedule.  He has over a dozen medicines that he is taking.  He has not had a good day today.  We will have a long journey to wellness. 

I do thank God that Jim didn’t lose his job in August.  His company laid 90 people off.  Jim would not have had medical insurance nor would he have been able to draw the short term diability pay from his company if he had lost his job.  We are very grateful for the wonderful insurance and benefits that we have for this difficult time. 

If you believe in prayer–keep us in your prayers.

Blessings and peace,

Nichole 3




2 responses

24 10 2008
David Web


I had been worried about the insurance. You & Jim are very blessed indeed.

Little Brother

25 10 2008

Little brother,
It was indeed a miracle that Jim didn’t lose his job in August. We would have been facing over a quater million dollars of medical bills with no insurance.


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