Labor Day Weekend

2 09 2008

I have always loved Labor Day weekend.  It has nothing to do with being in the workforce and needing a rest.  I like this weekend because I see it as a transition time between summer and autumn.  Although I love the beautiful flowers of summer–I also love the cool, crispness of autumn.  One can look at nature here in Western Kentucky and see how the trees, grass and flowers are slowing their step.  The trees especially are getting ready for their winter nap.  I like to call the last couple of weeks in August–“August Autumn.”  In the days when we didn’t have good air conditioning–this time of year was especially important for our family.  We used to live in the drench of our sweat and the cool days and evenings were a welcome relief.  These days we are blessed to have a wonderful central cooling system in our home but I still look forward to when we can turn it off and enjoy open windows for several weeks before the first cool snap.

I’m looking forward to the beautiful pumpkins, mums and other fall gifts of nature.  There is an apple orchard about 26 miles from our home.  That will make a nice Saturday afternoon outing to visit the orchard and enjoy the scenery along the way.  My youngest grandson will be having a field trip to that orchard on September the 12th.  Last September ,John went with his kindergarten class.  We have DVD footage of that trip.  It is always a special event for young children.

My baking instincts will kick in again.  Last fall I made endless loaves of pumpkin and cranberry bread.  I don’t crave those breads in the summer but I’m already enjoying the smells in my mind.  I will wait a couple of more weeks before I start my fall baking.  I like to have the first cool snap before I enjoy baking my dessert breads.

Soon the grocery stores will be displaying all of the ingredients for making everyone’s favorite fall treats.  I shop a great deal at Aldi’s.  They don’t keep certain foods on hand all year round.  They make a big display of their seasonal items.  By the end of September everything one needs to do fall baking will be in stock at Aldi’s.  I especially like their price on fresh cranberries which I use to make my orange cranberry bread. 

So all of these joys are released during Labor Day weekend.  Jim’s plant closed their doors on Friday because of the recession.  ( Just a one day thing).  Since he was forced to take a vacation day–we decided to go paddle boating at Pennyrile State Park.  Neither one of us has ever paddle boated before.  I was very scared at first.  However, I soon relaxed and enjoyed paddling around the lake.  We spent two hours on the lake before the rain started falling. Relunctantly, we docked our boat.  It is sad that we have waited all of these years to enjoy paddle boating.  Now I know this is something we will enjoy the rest of our lives. 

Saturday, we enjoyed going out for lunch.  We always savor our meals and enjoy talking with each other.  Heart to heart talks are good medicine for any marriage.  Later Sandy and the boys came for a visit.  We don’t get to visit with Sandy very often.  She is always in a hurry when she picks the boys up each afternoon.  Thus, getting to visit with Sandy when she is not in a hurry is a real treat.

Yesterday I made a large casserole and invited my friend Mary over for lunch.  After lunch, I took her to visit the cemetery where my mother and my grandparents and great grandparents are buried.  I never used to visit the cemetery but since my conversion to the Orthodox faith–I’ve slowly developed a desire to visit the cemetery.  Now, I try to visit at least once a month.  After I showed her around the cemetery–we went to visit the pioneers cemetery.  This cemetery has graves that are a couple of hundred years old.  We finished our afternoon with a stop at Starbucks. 

Labor day weekend will always be another kind of marker for our family.  It was three years ago on Labor day weekend that Vera, Jim and I visited our first Christian Orthodox service.  We visited  St. Ignatius Orthodox Church in Franklin, Tennessee.  Two years ago we visited the Orthodox community at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky for the first time.  Labor day will always be an anniversary for our family of our first steps into the Christian Orthodox faith.  And to top it off–last evening we received an email from my younger brother who lives in Denver.  He told me that he is getting more serious about the Orthodox faith and is meeting with one of the priests of his parish to talk about becoming a catechumen and taking a study course.  He can’t meet when the classes are offered so this priest is going to give him some kind of study course.  That was another Labor Day marker for the Orthodox faith.

Everyone hass their own favorite holidays.  Does anyone else like Labor Day as much as I do?  Please feel free to share your thoughts on my blog.

God bless each of you!




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3 09 2008

Glad to be have been part of your wonderful weekend. Love, Your Hubby

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