Computer Woes and Vera Is Home From Romania

8 08 2008

Some kind of computer virus messed up our computer last weekend.  We didn’t get our computer back from the shop until yesterday afternoon.  We had no time to hook up our computer because we had to drive to Nashville to pick up Vera.  Living without a computer for almost a week in 2008 is hard.  We don’t spend hours each day on the computer but if I have 10 minutes here and there–I like to check my email or check various blogs.  Jim and I both experienced real withdrawel symptoms.

Vera’s flight from Chicago was expected to arive around 6:20 p.m. last night.  We decided to leave for the airport early.  So we were on the road around 4:00 p.m. when Vera calls frantic that she will miss her flight to Nashville.  She was in a security line with over 100 people ahead of her with just 25 minutes to catch her plane.  Her lack of time started with being delayed in Vienna.  At the last minute an entire family decided that they wanted off of the Vienna plane.  Thus, all their baggage had to be removed.  That took about a half an hour.  Moreover,Vera told me the runway was too crowded –so they had to wait until it cleared for their flight to take off.  And so her time to deal with customs and security in Chicago was short changed.

After Vera’s call–we started praying for her to be able to board her plane on time. She called back about 20 minutes later to say that she was on her plane.  Later, she told us that she just begged security to let her through.  Her plane to Nashville was a small one out on the airfield.  She had four minutes to run across the field and board her plane.  Thank goodness she made it on time.  We all breathed a sigh of relief and thanked God for answering our prayers.

Vera’s heart is very full with stories of her mission trip.  It will take weeks for her to relate all that she experienced.  She has he own blog and we are looking forward to reading the stories that she will write.  Her blog is


I’m looking forward to catching up with my blogs and email.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to say that Vera is home and we are back on line.

God bless each of you!




4 responses

10 08 2008
Frugal Trenches

So glad Vera is home safe and sound!
Sorry to hear about the computer woes!!

15 08 2008

No computer for a week would be a difficult trial for me. I didn’t realize how much I need my blog and my “blogger buddies” until I took down my blog, remember? It was a rude awakening to discover that I needed this machine as much as I need my physical world.

Can’t wait to read more of Vera’s Story and I would love to know how to access her blog….what a wonderful adventure for her and for God to be in the mission field….and prayer does help in every situation…
Glad you are back..
Your friend,

15 08 2008

So glad to hear from you again. I realized that I didn’t tell people Vera’s web address. Here it is:

I’m way behind in reading and writing blogs–I hope to find some time today to write something. I’ve been very busy with my grandsons and all other types of unexpected events.

Your friend,

15 08 2008

Frugal Trenches,
Thank you so much for your concern for Vera. Hope to catch up with your blog soon.


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