An Era Gone By

5 06 2008

Since Memorial Day weekend, our neighbors to the left of us have been busily packing to move to their new home.  The “For Sale” sign has been up since Labor Day weekend.  I had been hopeful that we would have them as neighbors for a while longer.  Alas, they worked fast and hard to get all of their possessions packed last night.  Jim woke up and saw they were still packing at 1:00 in the morning.

We have been neighbors for 23 years.  We were not the kind of neighbors who invited each over for meals.  Nevertheless, there was a comfort knowing that we were available to help each other.  For many years, I’ve walked with Mrs. L each summer.  Last summer, I broke  the news to her that we would be moving.  She laughed and told me that they were wanting to move, too.  It looked like we would be the first to leave.  Our house sold almost immediately.  However,  because of various circumstances we canceled the sale of our home. 

The L’s took their time putting their home up for sale.  The had their old wooden garage demolished.  My grandsons had a wonderful time watching that event.  Then they were absolutely in a trance when a large truck came to pick up all of the debris.  Mr L.  bought one of those ultility sheds that looks like a little home.  He had a whole new concrete pad poured.  Again, my grandsons enjoyed watching the Mennonites bring that in and place in on the new concrete pad.

Mr. L is a banker.  He has gotten steady promotions and now is one of the top executives at the bank.  Mrs. L has taught school all of these years.  They have two children.  The oldest went all the way through school with our daughter, Vera.  Mrs. L was on the school board for 8 years.  Both of them have served on many community boards.  They are such busy people that they used to honk for their children to come out of the house for the next appointment. 

Most recently, we have all been involved with the neighborhood network for the older parts of our town.  Mr. L  is currently the treasurer and Mrs.L is the secretary.  They have worked hard for 18 months getting all of the legal ramifications completed for our neighborhood network.  Mrs. L told me that she will still keep coming to the meetings.  Knowing her community minded service attitude–I’m sure that she will continue to support our neighborhood.

We have had fun watching Mr. L take off for his long biking treks.  He will bike up to 50 miles at a time.  For a 57 year old–he is in fantastic shape.  Mrs. L and I take our walks but we are not in fantastic shape.  We have had fun through the years discussing the lives of our children and our female problems.  The summer was the only time I really got to peak into her life.

My grandsons are crazy about Mrs. L.  They love to greet her when she arrives home from her school teaching job.  She shows them real warmth and asks them about their little lives.  John and Alex are really going to miss the L’s. 

We realize now with my being a breast cancer patient–that we just need to stay put in our neighborhood.  We will work toward improving our part of the neighborhood network.  It is time to elect new officers.  I was afraid to volunteer.  I just don’t feel like I’m talented enough for leadership.  However, I was asked to be the President.  At our next meeting–I will be on a slate of nominees to be voted upon. Since we don’t have a real strong showing at our meetings–I probably will be elected president.

It will be extremely hard to fight for the good of our neighborhood without the daily interaction of the L’s. I have been a little blue today remembering all of the years we have been neighbors.  The new neighbors move in tomorrow.  I’m sure they are nice people.  However, nothing can take the place of such strong and faithful neighbors as the L’s.  May God grant them many years of happiness in their new home.

God bless each of You!




2 responses

14 06 2008
David Web


I’m very sorry you and Jim are losing the L family as neighbors. It is good they will stay connected to the neighborhood.

Best of luck on running for President of the association.

Little Brother

15 06 2008

Little Brother,
We really the L family. I decided against being president. I’m up for vice-president of our neighborhood association. It’s always great to get your comments.


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