For Those Who Suffer With Cancer

21 05 2008

My heart is heavy today for those who are battling with terminal cancer.  My daughter, Sandy, has enjoyed her elderly neighbors–who live behind her for years now.  Mr. B is one who loves to grow a garden–especially tomato plants.  I remember talking to him on the summer evenings that I would visit my grandsons when they were young.  His wife, Mrs. B, was operated on Mother’s day weekend.  She had been suffering with pain for a long time but didn’t go to the doctor.  When the operation was performed–she was found to have a stomach full of cancer.  She died this past weekend.  Her husband of 61 years was devastated.  He suffererd a stroke and is now in the hospital as the funeral proceedings are taking place.

I took care of my grandsons yesterday.  Sandy came by to pick them up early so that they could go to the funeral home.  Their regular caretaker was taking the other children to the funeral home.  Mr. B came to see the children each day.  He really loves all of them so much.  It is only right for the children to share in his sorrow.  John and Alex have had a great deal of experience with funerals.  They have had so many loved ones die on their father’s side of the family.  They have actually had more experience with funeral homes and funerals that I have.  So they were not afraid. They thought it was the natural and right thing to go with their mother to the funeral home.

My sister-in-law , who lives in Iowa is a terminal cancer patient.  She has been battling stage 4 cancer for quite some time.  In September of 2007–she was given only 3 to 6 months to live.  She is still with us.  She is a trememdous fighter.  She has so much to fight for.  She and her husband are helping to raise their grandchildren.  Their daughter is due to have another baby any day.  They all live together in one household.  Children , I think, help us to fight a little harder.  The joy of the children is tonic to this family.  I pray each day that my sister-in-law can continue to fight this battle with her cancer.

And finally, my friend Shadowlands ,  is writing a series of articles of how difficult her journey is lately– with the  taking care of  her terminally ill husband.  She manages to squeeze in a few moments here and there to share with us her travail.  And it is exhausting and dark.  Please visit her site and give her some encouraging words.  She needs our love and prayers more than ever.

Each of these families are battling great darkness.  Take some time today to pray for them.  And pray for those in your life who are suffering.  Each one of us needs to reach outward and give to the world.  I wasn’t at my church this past Sunday but Jim and Vera told me that our priest gave a homily which stated that when we do evil it affects the entire cosmos(world). Likewise, when we do good and speak kindly –the entire cosmos is affected .  So may our kindness and love affect the cosmos today!

God bless each of You!




3 responses

24 05 2008

Hi Nicole. I am sorry to hear about Mrs B. But what you say about positive thoughts are true (I believe). Little effort…. huge rewards.

29 05 2008
David Web


Your priest is right on positive and negative inertia. Every word and deed will be brought to light in the judgment of humanity. The nations will also be judged.

I’m sorry Shadowlands is going through so much with her husband’s failing health. Each day is a gift, and we tend to minimize that fact.

It is good the children can understand that we all will eventually come to the end of our lives in the present sense.

Little Brother

31 05 2008

Little brother,
The power of the tongue is amazing. The results can be peace or devastation. Keep Shadowlands in your prayers. Life is getting tougher for her.


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