The Story of Vera and Her Family, Chapter 18

19 05 2008

The Tragedy, Part 2

It was the longest ten mile ride home I had ever experienced. I continued to feel very frozen. When we arrived home– Sandy was watching television. When we told her what had happened, she broke down crying. Ben was not home. We could only guess that he was with his three best friends who were also brothers. I told Sandy that we had to hurry and pack our suitcase as we had a 90 mile drive to Evansville, Indianna. There were three paper routes that had to be delivered each day in spite of this crisis. I knew that the brunt of it would fall on Maria’s shoulders. I left Sandy and Maria the best instructions that I could to keep our household running smoothly. We were in hurry-we had to be with you, Vera, as soon as possible.

When we arrived at Welborn, they were just beginning to rip off your clothes. They literally had to cut all of your clothes off. You were then put through a catscan to assess your injuries. We were instructed to the waiting area. What a pleasant surprise when your pastor arrived. It was so comforting to talk with him. He prayed for you and for our family. He told us that he would be back when you were ready to have visitors.

Vera, you were in intensive care for two days. They were still trying to develop your treatment plan. Because you landed on your feet and fell backwards -you were spared from any head injuries. No emergency surgery had to be done. You broke your lower back, your right wrist and both of your ankles. They kept you on morphine and you were only slightly able to talk with us. It tore me up to see you in so much pain. We had to keep rearranging your pillows for your back. There was a waiting room with comfortable recliners that your dad and I used for our naps. We took turns being with you during the nights.

By Monday evening you were in your own private room. Phillip had been staying with Ben, Sandy and Maria. Evidently , Ben and Maria got into a big fight. Phillip called to tell us that it was more than he cared to handle. So Dad had to drive home that night and find out what was going on. We never really got to the bottom of the real situation. I think your dad lost his cool with Ben and greatly exaggerated the situation. Ben was so angry that he bashed his hand into the porch light. Your dad had to take him to the emergency room. Dad called me to say that he didn’t want Ben in the household until he could learn to show him respect.The fiasco resulted in a double tragedy. Ben went to stay with his friends for a few days until the situation cooled down.

I couldn’t break down because I knew I had to take care of you. I knew that no nurse or nurse’s aid would have the time to meet all of your needs. I was grateful for the very large hospital room you had. I was grateful for the comfortable recliner I had to rest in. Thus, began ten days of nursing you. I always got up about 5:30 a.m. to shower. The ladies Auxilary had their coffee and donut cart out each morning at 6:00 a.m. They gave me a newspaper, coffee and donuts each morning.  After my shower-I would go to the cafeteria and eat my breakfast. When I returned –I bathed you and then  put a clean gown on you. We developed a pattern of bathing you while watching reruns of The Waltons.

The doctors always made their rounds in the morning. We were told that you would be fitted for a back brace. You already had your casts on your ankles and your wrist cast. A nice young lady measured you and you had your cast that very afternoon. You were not allowed to sit up without wearing your back brace. I had to learn how to put it on you without hurting you.

You remained very uncomfortable despite all of the pain medication that you were on. I had to keep arranging your pillows. Finally on Wednesday morning, your doctor took you off of all pain medication. You were not allowed to go off of it gradually. It was a nightmare. You screamed and cried with pain. Furthermore, life was not going well on the home front. How much more could our family deal with? I was about to find out.





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29 05 2008
David Web


Some say that God won’t give his people more than they can bear. You certainly had your plate full with all the goings on.

Do Ben and Maria get along well as adults?

Little Brother

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