Our Grandson,John, Graduates From Kindergarten!

19 05 2008

Now John didn’t attend preschool.  He stayed with his next door  neighbor the first five years of his life. It was and still is a great environment but nevertheless it wasn’t a preschool.  So John was a bit behind when he started kindergarten at a private Christian academy last August.  He cried a great deal those first weeks.  It was very tough going for awhile.  Nevertheless, he finally adjusted.  Then he became one of the most outgoing little boys imaginable. 

I started a new adventure by taking care of John and his little brother Alex after school each day.  Since John’s birth, I had spent at least one evening a week with him and likewise –when Alex was born.  And last summer, I picked them up from their sitter to spend a whole day with me.  John didn’t want to work on preparing for school.  He told me that he was afraid to start school and he didn’t want any school type activities during the summer.  So I didn’t push him. 

I kind of tricked him though when school started.  For every unit of study John was learning–I tried to supplement it at home.  I spent a great deal of time teaching him how to draw apple trees and pumpkins during the fall. Then we learned how to draw turkeys and snowmen during the late fall and early winter.  I went on to teach him how to draw valentines and Easter bunnies in the winter and early spring.

Vera and I worked with him as he began to get real homework.  And the homework became very difficult by the last quarter.  John learned fast. And by graduation–he was a great reader.  The system of phonics that they used to teach the children was excellent.  John will have a head start knowing how to sound out words.  The public school system no longer teaches phonics.  As a former substitute teacher–I was shocked how many high school students just couldn’t read basic material.  John and his classsmates will not have that problem.

Graduation was on May 15th.  Their theme was Jesus is Something to Buzz About.  They had a processional to the tune of the Flight of the Bumble Bee.  They wore little bumble bee hats and had bumble bee t-shirts on.  They recited the pledge to the American Flag, the pledge to the Christian Flag and the pledge to the Bible.  How precious to see these little ones reciting these pledges.  Then they sang some cute songs:  If I Were A Butterfly and I Hate Bugs.  They had a word from their headmaster and sang one last song: He is Something to Buzz About.  Finally, the headmaster presented them their certificates and then a closing prayer was said.

Little brother, Alex, will be attending the 4 year old program at this private academy in August.  John will be in the first grade.  I will be picking them up from school each day and keeping them until their mother, Sandy, gets off from work.  This summer I will have John and Alex on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I look forward to being a “child at heart” with them.  We will have all kinds of adventures. 

Jesus loved the little children of HIs day.  The Bible tells us to cherish and love children.  They are truly gifts from God.  Being a grandmother, I admit–it is a little easier not to get angry and lose patience.  Afterall, they are not my sole responsibility.  However, dear parents–try to enjoy your little ones for they soon slip away and grow up.  It happens quicker than you can possibly imagine.

God bless each of you!




2 responses

29 05 2008
David Web


John’s school sounds very grounded in important matters. I’m sure You and Jim are very proud.

You and I both married German American Spouses, although Marilyn is also English.

Trust me, Marilyn can behave at times, but is very unbalanced overall, so I’m not surprised she was in line for Abby’s funeral.

Little Brother

31 05 2008

Little brother,
We are grateful that John is getting a sound education. And yes, your ex wife behaved at the funeral. I will be sending you pictures soon.


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