Double Check Your Internet Sources

12 05 2008

We were so happy that our daughter, Vera, got a teaching position at a junior college.  She is currently teaching Business English.  Vera often shares the interesting information that she is teaching.  Jim and I learned how careful one must be on one’s own website.  The popular My Space  web pages are now viewed by possible employers.  When one makes an application for a job–employers now are standardly checking to see if the applicant has a web page.  If the web page is full of pictures of obsene things–then the applicant most likely will not obtain the job.  Even if a young teenager matures and no longer is into immature postings on a  My Space page–the postings will follow one through their college and job searching days.  So beware and be alert!  Be responsible with your blogs and other kinds of web pages.  Don’t write anything that you would be ashamed for the entire world to know.  Don’t post any pictures that you will later regret posting.  Leave a little mystery in your blogs.  People don’t have to know everything about you or even your real name to enjoy your blog. 

This morning before Vera left for work–she showed me how to tell whether a website was really authentic.  When she was in graduate school, one of her professors used a well known website to prove that even the most authentic looking website can be a hoax.  Vera typed in  to prove her point.  There were all kinds of articles and warnings about the substance dhmo.  This website even had an online shopping place where one could purchase t-shirts and other items warning against dhmo.  In reality, dhmo is simply water.  The whole thing is a hoax.  One can go to and obtain the history of this false webpage. 

Vera is teaching from the text: Essentials Of Business Communication by Mary Ellen Gruffey.

Ms. Gruffey says this about webpages:

” Many users think that documents found by a World Wide Web search tool have somehow been previously validated by a trustworthy authority.  Others think that, because the Web is the most current and most accessible source of information, its documents must be the most reliable available.  Wrong on both counts!  Almost anyone with a computer and an internet connection can publish almost anything on the Web.  In every Web domain, reliable sites and unreliable ones compete for your attention……To use the Web meaningly, you must learn to scrutinize carefully what you find in the documents it offers.”

I’m not going to try to give her list but will give her categories.  One must check for authority, currency, content, accuracy.  One can find help by continuing to use search engines for suspicious findings.  One can use but that is only as good as the people who make contributions to this online encylopedia. 

The bottom line is that one must always be savy and smart about using internet sources.  Common sense and further searching are often necessary.  So have fun with the internet but do be responsible.

Happy searching!






4 responses

12 05 2008

Thanks for your words of wisdom. I agree. Just because you find something on the “Net” doesn’t make it so…
The Blog World is a wonderful place, but, as you pointed out here and in our conversational emails, it isn’t always a safe place…(remember when I deleted my blog???)
Thank you for commenting on my blog…Your words are always a comfort to me and I look for them on my site….
Your friend

13 05 2008

I forgot to mention that even a closed down blog isn’t necessarily safe. People have ways of getting the information if they want to.

I also forgot to mention on your blog how glad I am that you both have your little dog for comfort. I have two dogs that bring such delight and comic relief.

Your friend,

17 05 2008
David Web


That’s great that Vera got a teaching job.
Will she still be living with You and Jim for awhile? She had indicated she might be moving in another direction.

Yes, the internet is a useful tool, but can also be full of deceit and hoaxes, with web predators, and other malicious activities.

Little Brother

17 05 2008

Little brother,
It is good to hear from you again. Vera plans to stay here for awhile longer. She actually enjoyes living at home.


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