An Anniversary and Mother’s Day Get Away

12 05 2008

Jim was elated that he was not on the weekend list for work.  He had worked twelve straight days.  This information was posted on Thursday.  When he got home from work, we decided to check if there were any rooms available at Lake Barkley Lodge.  There were a few left.  So we reserved a room via the internet for Friday evening.

Since November of 2007,  Jim has had varied work schedules.  Rarely does he get more than one weekend a month free.  Sometimes we just don’t have enough time to talk about serious matters or just have a little fun.  So we decided we better take advantage of the weekend since our 34th anniversay and Mother’s day were coming up.

We had such a great time at Lake Barkley Lodge.  All of the rooms have a lake front view.  We spent hours just walking along the lake front and talking.  We occasionaly sat for awhile on a bench to rest.  It was fun seeing all of the boats out.  Folks really had fishing fever. 

We reviewed all of the changes that have taken place in technology since our marriage.  There were no home computers in l974.  So neither of us grew up with the internet.  There were no cell phones.  My first awareness of VCR’s was about 1980.  They cost anywhere from about $800.00 to $1000.00.  Microwave ovens also became popular in the early l980’s.  They were as costly as VCR’s.  Thus, we had no opportunity to purchase either of these technological wonders. 

Home computers started being available about l982.  Again, one had to have a very nice financial lifestyle to afford a computer.  We purchased our first computer  and printer in 1995.  The computer cost $2000.00 and the printer cost $500.00.  In l997 we decided to pay for internet service.  We had the old fashioned dial up internet.  It was such a pain to have the phone line tied up that we paid for a second phone line.  That eventually got too expensive and we dropped the second line.  About four years ago we upgraded to high speed internet.  And most recently we upgraded another notch.

The word digital was virtually unknown in the l970’s.  Now everything is becoming digital–even television.  The new thin screened tv’s are the style now.  We don’t have one and won’t get one until the prices go down.  However, soon we will have to purchase an adaptor to watch television.

In my cancer group, I learned from a visiting cancer doctor that by the end of 2008 — our hospital will be all digital.  The days of doctors reading xrays from the actual film are soon to be over.  When radiology is done –one will have a disk to take to one’s doctor.  The doctor will then read the disk via computer technology. 

Jim and I could never have imagined debit cards as a way of paying for our purchases.  We could never have invisioned online banking.  We’ve become used to using these services.  And there are pitfalls to them occasionally.  Last week, I checked my bankline and discovered that someone had stolen my debit card number and had tried to make a purchase.  I caught it the very day this person tried to steal from our account.  In fact, the purchase was still listed under “pending”.  I called and canceled my bank card and ordered a new one– with a new pin number.  That purchase  never showed up the next day on my account.  Perhaps my quick action prevented their purchase from going through. 

Jim and I like living in 2008 .  We are thankful for all of the improvements in the world of technology.  Most of all we are thankful to have an enduring marriage.  We are blessed with four children who have grown up to be contributing adults to society.  And we adore our two grandsons.  Life has been good to us in spite of many hard times through our years.  I hope that each individual reading this post will take stock of the changes and blessings in his or her life. 

May God bless each of you!




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12 05 2008

Happy Anniversary to you and Jim!!! May you have many more happy years together!!

Yes – the world has changed very fast, hasn’t it. But, I have to honestly say,… I would have loved to live in the old days where technology wasn’t running the family life. I often feel burnt out with the face pace and just wished that we all slowed down a little. On the weekend, I was watching my 8 year old whizz through Microsoft Powerpoint on his computer – and I though as a CPA I knew everything about this application! I was wrong !! The kids are already moving on fast…. and sometimes I feel worried.

13 05 2008

Yes, the first 20 years of our marriage was a bit slower paced. My youngest child graduated from high school in l997. I don’t think she had internet at her high school. They used computers and saved their writings on a disc but the internet wasn’t used in the school system until the late l990’s in our county.

Still, there have always been people who live a fast and demanding lifestyle. I don’t do well with “fast”. I never like to rush or be in a hurray. Sometimes I have to live that way but I avoid it as much as possible.

It is so good to hear from you!

17 05 2008
David Web


I must confess I broke down and bought an HDTV. The picture and sound quality are greatly improved. We don’t go out that much and television is inexpensive entertainment. I got a nice 32
inch for $750.00, which included a 3 year warranty, so they have started coming down in price.

It is truly amazing how much technology has improved in our lifetime.

I’m glad you enjoyed your time at the Lakes. We are just now starting to warm up here in Denver, and it has been a very chilly spring up until now.

Little Brother

17 05 2008

Little Brother,
That is great you got the HDTV–we just don’t watch enough television to justify buying one.

Spring has been cool here, also. I never remember ever experiencing such a cold spring before.


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