Baby Abigail and My Marathon Runner, Sandy

29 04 2008

Last night I had a nice long conversation with my niece , Karla, concernng her daughter–baby Abigail.  Karla and her husband have been taking turns staying at the hospital for 24 hour shifts.  Karla was at the hospital and was holding Abigail while we talked.  Of course Abigail was tied to all kinds of wires but Karla said that she was smiling and moving her hands and legs quite a bit.  So very much has transpired over the course of twelve days.

Abigail’s entire life has revolved around invasive medicine.  She wouldn’t have lived even one day of her life without modern medicine.  She has DiGeorge disease–a very rare condition which attacks certain chromosomes of the body.  It has targeted Abigail’s lungs in a big way.  Karla has spent hours giving Abigail breathing treatments.  And when Abigail ends up in the hospital–so many invastive treatments are necessary to keep her alive.  Tim and Karla are sad to see their baby live like this.  In fact, they witnessed the horror recently of seeing how the ventilator was put down Abigail’s throat.  That had much to do with their recent decision of not allowing anymore invasive treatments.

Because of their decision–Abby is now able to receive care from Hospice.  She will becoming home in a few days.  If she has a crisis again, Karla can call Hospice.  They will send a nurse to determine whether her crisis is of the nature of DiGeorge disease or whether it is an unrelated ailment that can be treated as an out patient.  If Abby is having one of her bouts with her lungs–then the hospice team will make her has comfortable as possible.  If she can’t beat the crisis, Abby will die in her own home surrounded by her family.  Tim and Karla are at peace with their decision.

For right now, they are enjoying  their time with Abigail.  Constance, an older daughter, told me how Abigail gets so excited when she and her brothers visit Abby in the hospital.  Abigail can’t sit up on her own but she likes to grab the hair of her brothers and sister.  Evidently, she is a very happy little girl when she is not battling with her lungs.  So continue to pray for little Abigail and her family.  In the midst of our serious conversation, Karla and I managed to find some funny things to talk about.  It was so good to hear her laugh.

On another note, Sandy, my oldest daughter ,ran in her first marathon on April the 26th.  It was the Music City Marathon in Nashville, Tn.  Sandy enjoyed running during her high school years.  She participated with her high school’s cross country team.  I well remember going with her one Sunday afternoon to her high school and she walked her path with me–so that I could understand what she did.  She explained her goals to me.  When I would be teaching at the junior high next to her high school –it was fun to see her practicing with her team when school was over.

Sandy decided to start running again about a year ago.  She has developed friendships with other runners and had targeted time each week to run with her “buddies”.  Since December of 2007–she has been on an extensive training schedule.  Sandy is a busy Certified Public Accountant–so to manage a consistent running schedule has taken great discipline.  She is an amazing young woman.  I’m very proud to be her mother.

Sandy and her friends entered the half marathon.  There were about 25,00 participants.  She ran a little over a 10 minute mile and placed 8,500.  I thought that was a wonderful accomplishment for her first try at a marathon.   Sandy has her eye on continuing to run in small races and working up to running the entire Music City Marathon next April.  We will be supporting her in every way that we can.  So congratulations, Sandy!

God bless each of you!





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29 04 2008

Good to hear that all is well on your end. Congratulations to Sandy on her achievment with the marathon.. and my grace be with baby Abby and family 🙂 . Take care.

1 05 2008
David Web

The angels are rejoicing now that Abigail is in paradise, with Jesus taking her hand as she entered in.

No more invasive treatments, no more pain and suffering for this precious child, who as Sister said, would not have lived one day without modern medical invasive procedures.

Who knows why these things happen or what the mind of the Almighty is? I hope to see Abby in heaven as a whole, perfected being, having taken on a spiritual body that will never wear out or get sick.

Also, how wonderful that Sandy has completed the 1/2 marathon in very respectable time. I saw the pictures, and she was simply radiant from this natural high.

Little Brother

1 05 2008

Little Brother,
You said everything better than I could have about Abigail. Truly the angels are surrounding her. I love you and I’m so sorry for the loss of your grand daughter.


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