Baby Abigail Holding Her Own

19 04 2008

Although the ventilator has been taken off of little Abigail–she is holding her own.  They are still tube feeding her.  She has been tube fed since her birth.  An xray some hours after she was taken off the ventilator showed an improvement in her lungs.  They will not take any measure to save her life now except to keep her comfortable.  However, baby Abigail seems to have a strong will to live.  Please continue to pray for her and for her family.  This has been so stressful on my niece and her family.   Thanks!

God Bless each of you!




5 responses

20 04 2008

Still thinking of you and your family……

22 04 2008

Me too…

22 04 2008

Thanks so much Spillay and Dewdrop

22 04 2008
David Web

Jim, Nichole, & Vera:

I just spoke with Abby’s Dad. She is steadily improving, with an incredible will to live. I don’t think there’s much room left for debate on who is the real fighter in the family. Abigail wins hands down, no matter what the outcome. We could all learn something from this fragile child who has fought from day one up to her 16 months of life outside the womb on the 20th.

Little Brother

22 04 2008

Little brother,
I’m so happy to hear this good news. I called this afternoon to get an update but nobody was at home. This is so super! You are so right–that Abigail is a brave young child.


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