The Story of Vera and Her Family, chapter 15

29 03 2008

Teaching School and Ben Gets His Driver’s License

My teaching job was a great deal of work. The teacher had given me a sketch of each week and had copied off enough lessons for six weeks. I then wrote out the specific plans each week and turned them into a supervisor. I had papers to grade each evening. I had a good incentive though as I knew my pay would almost triple after working for twenty consecutive days. To get this pay, I would have to work twenty consecutive days. If I missed one day, then I would have to begin all over.

Sugar, our new puppy, was just too small to leave roaming around the house. Lucy, the chow mix, loved to chew on little Sugar’s legs. I borrowed a large dog carrier from my brother. She had to stay in that carrier all day. It made me feel awful but I would have never forgiven myself if Lucy had hurt her. As it was-Sugar was always getting lost in our house. She only weighed three pounds at her first visit to the vet. Sugar begged to sleep under the covers with us each night. She wasn’t big enough to jump up on the bed. So I would pick her up and she would immediately get under the covers.

I came close to losing my twenty days as Sandy got sick at school and I had to leave to take her home. However, because I had been at school through the lunch hour-it was considered a full day. I was able to be at school the following day. I taught with three other teachers on a team. We worked together as a team on every little detail. Discipline especially was handled with a team plan. The ladies I taught with were veteran teachers-who had enough years to retire. It was a privilege to learn from them.

I was responsible for all of the grades. I even averaged the grades for the six week report cards. When I left, the teachers with whom I worked presented me with a gift of tulips. On my very last day at the job, I received a call from another principal asking me to start another long job for a teacher who was going to have a baby. I was so excited to get another steady job. It was to start around the middle of March and continue to the end of the school year.

I had about a month before I started that job. I received my final paycheck from the first big job. I bought our first brand new television and VCR. We had never had the money to buy anything brand new. I subscribed us to the Disney Channel. I especially enjoy watching ANNE OF GREEN GABLES and ANNE OF AVONLEA. We taped them and I always enjoyed watching those movies -especially when life got hard. They helped bring a great deal of joy into my life.

I had a few days off in between my big teaching jobs. However, the principals were beginning to know me and I enjoyed a wide variety of one day jobs. In between teaching, I took all of you to various activities. I began driving in l989 . I had wasted too much of my life being afraid of driving a car. Once I began driving, I wondered how I had ever survived always waiting for people to take me places.

Sandy was getting interested in running cross country. She was also deciding on her high school career choices. Sandy made the right decision to get a business major in high school. Ben didn’t like school but he loved to work. Besides his paper routes-he cut yards each spring and summer. Our street had many widows who loved having Ben to cut their yards or do other odd jobs. Ben had his eye on buying a car when he turned 16. He saved most of his money to that end.

My other teaching job was about to begin. Sugar had just started being big enough to take walks. So now I walked both Lucy and Sugar as much as I could. I didn’t have to lock her up in a cage for my second big job. I taught a special education class at another junior high. Again, there were many stacks of work sheets piled up for me. Again, I made the lesson plans and submitted them to the supervisor. I also made the bigger money after twenty days. That was the best spring we had enjoyed in many years. Each of you children were involved in good activities. Vera , you were enjoying many academic honors. Maria was becoming quite the star with her drama and speech competitions. We still had the paper routes to maintain. So after we all got home from school, we rolled the papers and got the routes delivered.

It was a wonderful summer. Ben turned 16 and got his driver’s licence. He bought an older Buick with his money. He gave his paper routes to you and Maria. Ben got a job at the WINN-DIXIE food store. I will always remember his having to dress in black pants, a white shirt and a little red vest. Ben still managed to elude us with his sneaking out of the house . I never could see how he managed going to school, working so many hours, and still having time to sneak around. At any rate-we were proud of him. Life had come to a sort of sweet fruition for our family. We were no longer living so hand to mouth any longer. Newer and more difficult problems were about to challenge us. Thankfully, at that point -I didn’t know it.




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2 04 2008

Hi, my name is Taria. Is your legal name Sylvia? (I’m trying to figure out if I know you-if so, hey, it’s me, Taria from St. John the Theologian’s, if not, Hi, nice to meet you, I’m Taria.)
My blog is, if you’d like to visit-I’ll be back here. =)

6 04 2008
David Web


It was indeed good fortune for you to secure those teaching jobs and to have a little breathing room with your finances for a change.

The last twenty years have truly flown past us in a whirwind, would you not agree?

Little Brother

7 04 2008

Little brother,
Yes, it was good to get some rest from financial problems. You are right about the past two decades just flying by. Whew!


7 04 2008

Hello Taria,
It is good to hear from you. Yes, you are correct though I don’t like to use my real name on line. Just don’t leak out my last name. I checked out your blog. I’ll be keeping up with you.

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