22 03 2008

Sunshine has been in abundance the past several days.  We did have almost four inches of rain this past Wednesday.  The spring rains cause the river that runs through our county to swell.  Any more rain–and we would have had some flooding.  It is amazing how the weather of this month has had many themes–snowstorms, near tornadoes and minor flooding.  However, today the daffodils are in   abundance and  the tulip trees are blooming.  My little plum trees are blossoming.  Jim and I enjoyed walking our dogs last evening and this morning.  There is a sense of beauty and harmony during this Easter weekend.

There was no school yesterday in our county.  Vera and I decided to take John and Alex ( my grandsons ) to visit Maria in the country.  They had not been to her home since last summer.  I have only made one visit since my surgery in December.  The boys were so excited to visit.  We didn’t know that Kirk ( Maria’s husband) was on his way home, too.

Kirk arrived about twenty minutes after we did.  John and Alex were overwhelmed with joy to see Kirk.  They also knew that Kirk would probably take them for a ride in his truck.  Just a few weeks ago–it looked like the end of Kirk and Maria’s trucking business.  The boys were at my home when Maria came by the house to tell us what was going on.  It was a cold, grey day.  Maria’s face was streaked with signs that she had been crying a great deal.  She began crying again as we talked that afternoon.  They boys picked up on the entire story.  In fact, the next day John reminded me that Kirk would have to get a different job.  It was an extremely heart breaking day.

Maria had to face her own battle this winter of wondering if she had cancer.  It was devastating to us all to learn that she had a growth appear on a mammogram.  We pushed her to find out more.  That involved more doctor’s visits and more tests.  I sat with her as she agonized about how she would pay for all the tests because of a lack of health insurance.  Finally, a couple of weeks ago–she was freed of her worry.  Evidently, she only had  a cyst.  It had dissolved on it’s own. 

I ‘m remembering also that my life took a very different course last fall.  I never dreamed that I would become a cancer patient.  I’ve had a wonderful winter of recovering because Vera has been here to help me.  Her job as a teacher in a private school came to an end. She saw it an opportunity to help us. Even though I’ve not been bedridden or terribly sick–emotionally– I’ve needed her support.  She has grown through this experience of living at home again.  Soon, she will be leaving the nest in her own way.  I don’t think she has plans of moving out of our home.  However, it is time for her to get employment once again.  She is looking at the possibility of being an adjunct professor at our community college.  It will mean that we have less time to do fun things together. However, it is time for her to teach once again.  One of her richest experiences has been to learn that she loves genealogy and music.  I taught her piano as a child.  She became to busy with school activities to ever pursue piano through high school.  Now she is taking piano from me once again. And she is making great progress.

How marvelous it was to be out in the country with Kirk and Maria yesterday.  For awhile at least–the burdens have lifted for them.  Kirk seems very sure that he will be able to keep his trucking business.  His spirits seemed good yesterday.  He enjoyed entertaining the boys.  They took a long ride in his truck.  Later, he put Alex in a wheel barrel and whisked him all over the yard.  John could have had a turn but was a bit afraid.   We found a beautiful male cardinal that had died.  His little body was perfect.  Maria’s dog is known to attack the birds but this bird died from another cause.  Maria wrapped up the little bird and dug a grave.  We said a few prayers and sang the doxology.  We named the little bird,”Ben”. 

What a wonderful day we had with Kirk and Maria.  My prayer for them is for their health to be good and their business to thrive.  But also, for their spiritual roots to continue to grow very deeply. 

I continue on my own journey of making decisions about my health.  I’ve had to visit my surgeon nearly every week since my surgery because I still have fluid that builds up from the mastectomy.  Each week–he probes me about making a choice to have my other breast removed.  Some of my friends think that he has only money as his motive.  I have never gotten that impression from him.  He seems genuinely concerned that I am a third generation breast cancer patient.  My cancer doctor, on the other hand, feels like that getting an exam every three months will be suffice for any risk involved with my heredity.  So this theme is still a haunting one.  I will continue to study about breast cancer, take all of my supplements and pray.  That is all that I can handle right now.  My human psychology is much too tender right now to make a final decision.

So Spring is here.  New hopes and dreams are enveloping most everyone’s heart.  I hope and pray that your dreams come true.  As an Orthodox Christian, my Easter isn’t until the end of April.  But for all of my friends celebrating Easter tomorrow–have a great day!

 God bless each of you!




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27 03 2008

Hi Nicole. I have something for you on my blog at

Spillay xx

28 03 2008

That’s wonderful to hear about Maria, Nichole. I’m so delighted that you can stop worrying about her a little now.

There is good news. It really happens. And good luck with your decisions.

28 03 2008

Thanks Roads for rejoicing with us about Maria. I always appreciate your imput.

6 04 2008
David Web


It’s good that Maria is not ill, and that Kirk will probably survive in his trucking business.

I’m glad you are well down the road to recovery from your cancer. My burden for you has eased somewhat of late, which from my experience means that you must be a whole lot better.

I guess we need a new key board. I keep seeing omitted characters after I submit my comments and trust that you and others actually believe I know how to spell disdain and other words that wound up wrong.

We are still dipping down to 25-30 at night and have not had many 60 degree days yet this spring. That is good, because if the abundant snowpack up high were to melt too fast, it could cause disastrous flooding in the mountains. May the west recover much of the runoff for crucial water reserves such as Lake Powell.

Little Brother

7 04 2008

Little brother,
Your comments are coming through great! I so appreciate your support of my blog. I also appreciate all of the love and prayers you have given me through my cancer.


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