The Story of Vera and Her Family, chapter 11

21 02 2008

We Are able to buy our home!

Carolyn bent over backwards to help our family.  She arranged to get some testing for Dad.  We found out that he had an IQ of 127.  For awhile, Dad was under the Kentucky Rehabilitation program.  They worked with him to help him find a better job.  To our deep disappointment, they were not successful.  The economy was very bad.  Your dad was over qualified for many of the jobs that were available.

By the end of June, I knew that I wasn’t able to cope with finishing my education.  I just couldn’t concentrate on a full load of studies when our family was falling apart.  Sadly, I turned down my scholarship to APSU. With all of the stress of possibly losing our home–I developed awful pains in my abdomen.  My family doctor could find nothing wrong.  I was referred to an OB/GYN doctor.  He diagnosed a fibroid condition and placed me on the hormone progesterone. 

The adventures never ceased!  Ben broke his arm walking home from Vacation Bible School.  I think he jumped over a fence.  With no insurance, I set up payments of $5o.00 a month.  If I remember correctly, the total bill was $600.00 dollars. That was a dark, dark day for me.  I cried and cried.  It seemed like our lives were constantly in a pressure cooker.  One mishap after another complicated our lives.

One evening in July, while we were eating supper–a lady knocked at the door.  She was from the Veteran’s Administration.  I thought doom’s day had finally come.  However, miraculously, she told us if we wanted to buy the house –that she would allow us to remain.  We admitted to her that we hadn’t paid any rent since March.  After explaining that we were saving our rent towards a down payment–she smiled.  “That’s a good plan that Wally encouraged you to start.” Secular agencies such as the VA don’t manage their business by showing mercy.  I look back on that evening and I’m in awe of God’ mercy.  We could have been forced out of our home that week.

Another event happened in July that influenced our family for the next decade.  Ben and Sandy were offered paper routes in a prosperous nearby neighborhood.  I not only encouraged them to take the routes–I knew that day–that I would be their loyal substitute and helper.  The paper routes provided Ben and Sandy with some good spending money. Moreover, many of their customers were elderly folks who had known my mother and grandmother.  They were so happy to have Ben and Sandy delivering their newspapers.

I applied to substitute teach in the public schools.  However, I was short by 3 college credits.  My Bible education didn’t count in those days.  It took another decade for our local board of education to accept my three years of Bible college credits.   I had to take money from our house account to enroll in a night class.  I chose a developmental psychology class.  Meanwhile, a lady from my Sunday school class called to tell me about a Kindergarten aid job available at the private academy.  I applied for the job, was interviewed and landed the job.  I worked 20 hours a week at minimum wage.  After taxes, I earned $215 dollars a month.  That certainly was not much money but it helped our family in a tremendous way.  Little did we know how important that job was in meeting our goal of buying our home.

In September of l987, that same VA lady called to tell us the she would be making an official VA inspection of our home.  We cleaned and scrubbed our home–especially the basement.  She came one afternoon, while you children were in school.  She thought the house was in fair shape for us to be able to buy it.  We were going to have to start paying the VA rent.  Thus, we began paying $200.00 a month in rent.  We had lived six months in the house without paying rent.  It was the grace of God that the VA didn’t demand that money.

Wally continued to push us to live as frugal as possible.  He called me up one day and asked me if we had anything valuable to sell.  By this time– he was officially representing us and looking for programs to help us.  We had to come up with $1200.00 for a down payment.  We put down $500.00 dollars in October as earnest money.  Wally thought of different jobs for us to earn as a family.  Our entire family raked leaves for a commercial business.  The pay was $100.00 dollars.  Wally kept the money and put it in a fund for us.

My little job was interesting at times but disappointing in other ways.  I was always trying to second guess what the kindergarten teacher wanted me to accomplish.  Once again, your dad dropped me off each morning.  Again, I walked almost 5 miles home each day.  However, we would never have qualified for a home loan if I hadn’t had that little job.

When Christmas arrived, there was a little more merriment.  We knew for certain that we could get to buy our home and close by the last day of December.  Some very nice families at First Baptist church gave us a check to help with buying Christmas presents. 

December 30th, l987 was our actual closing day.  I can still remember Wally picking us up for that event.  I wore a white dress sweater with the long blue jean skirt I had made during the summer.  What a celebration that day was!  And to top it off –the VA agreed to put a new roof on our home!




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22 02 2008

If it were not for the unseen blessings that are in the pipeline, how would we have made those darker days. It seems to be that way with faithfulness. God always has us to make the first step and He comes with the second and theird. What a relief when you signed those papers!!! And a new roof, to boot…You have lived a life of faith, one day at a time…One hard day at a time….I also had stomach problems at that time of my life. It was stress induced…Thanks Nicole3 for sharing your life of faith….

22 02 2008

Thanks again for reading my stories. I’m amazed as I look back on all that we lived through–and God’s wonderful faithfulness.

28 02 2008
David Web


Jim being a Veteran probably helped with the VA deal, and what a loyal and honest friend Wally was to your family. I don’t guess I ever really got to know him. However Phillip said he stills hears from cousin Bob.

I’d really like to speak with Bob sometime, so please give my number to Wally if you see him. I could have bet I saw Bob on T.V. last fall when the Rockies were playing the Diamondbacks in the playoffs. He looked very unhappy since the Rockies were winning.

Also, Bob and I were at a game in Denver on my birthday some years ago when the Cardinals were in town, but we didn’t know it until we had spoken later. He had driven up from Phoenix and I don’t think he knew I lived here until after his trip.

Little Brother

Little Brother

29 02 2008

Yes, we would not have been able to get the house unless Jim was a veteran. You are right that Wally was a great friend. He still is after all of these years. We are working with him on strenghtening the inner city. No, I never hear from Bob. I didn’t know that Phillip continues to hear from him.


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