Another Cancern Update And A Friend Succumbs To Lou Geherig’s Disease

9 02 2008

I’ve been waiting to find out if my breast cancer was estrogen/progesterone fed.  My tumor was so tiny that it was actually biopsied away.  We didn’t know that information until the final pathology was done on my breast.  The pathologist  simply couldn’t find any trace of cancer.  So Vanderbilt was contacted to test the tumor samples they had.  Yesterday I saw my cancer doctor.  Finally, they had the results.  There was no progesterone in the tumor–only estrogen. 

My doctor prescribed Arimidex 1 mg.  He also told me that if I had any kind of arthritis–that it would get worse.  This drug is an estrogen blocker.  Estrogen and progesterone are the cause of most breast cancers.  I love the idea of doing everything naturally.  Yet, I’m scared of having breast cancer return.  Vera didn’t want me to get the prescription filled.  My chiropractor wants me to take a mixture of herbs that he calls “parasite control”.  He is not allowed by law to call it cancer medicine. Cancer is a parasite and the human body is the host.

I went ahead and had the prescription filled.  I’ll try it for a little while.  I will also take the herbs my chiropractor suggests.  He is mixing up the right proportions for me . I will get them when I travel to Tennessee tomorrow for church.  I think the herbs are wormwood, cloves and black walnut.  It is hard to know what to do.  Yet, I realize that I’ve been spared from chemotherapy. Chemotherapy not only destroys cancer cells but  also destroys the good cells.  Thus, I just need to be thankful and at least try this estrogen blocker. 

My problems are small compared to the plight of a friend that I’ve known for 36 years.  He called this week and just chatted about the storms we had in Kentucky.  I noticed that his speech was slurred.  I didn’t want to embarrass him because I didn’t know if he wanted to talk about what was going on.  Finally, he told me that he has Lou Geherig’s Disease( Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.) He was diagnosed with this disease around the time that I found out I had breast cancer. 

Neal and Jim were in the Air Force together.  They both spent a great deal of time at the Christian Servicemens center in Biolixi, Mississippi.  While spending time at this center–they both learned about a Bible College in Birmingham, AL.  They both ended up attending this Bible college.  That is where I first met Neal.  I already had my eyes on Jim.  However, Neal asked me out for a date before Jim did. 

At any rate, Jim and I have kept in contact with Neal and his wife all of these years.  They visited us several times when we lived in Alabama.  Neal has lived in Oklahoma since he finished Bible college.  After we moved to Kentucky, Neil and his wife continued to make visits to our home.  They have always taken a great deal of interest in our children –as they never had any children of their own.  The last time we visited with them was in September of 2005. 

Neil told me that his medicine costs $900.00 a month.  He also told me that the insurance will not pay for his medicine.  They were advised to sell their home and move to a location near a medical facility that could help them.  This idea is too overwhelming for our friends at this point. 

This is a neurodegenerative disease in which all of the nerves of the body eventually shut down.  Death comes by suffocation.  Please join me in praying for Neal and his wife.  They have been faithful through the years to share their time and income with many.  They have had a particular interest in helping the blind.  I know they have helped many people who are on the mission field.  They are good, wholesome people.  Tragedy comes to all mankind.

Many in the Southeast part of the United States are still in anguish from the tornados that hit Tuesday evening.  I viewed photos  taken from airplanes–of the damage in my county.  It was horrendous.  Tennessee is the state that had the most damage and deaths.  Continue to pray for those who will have to slowly rebuild their lives. 

In this decade, we’ve seen so many changes in weather patterns.  When we first moved back to Kentucky in l985–we had very cold winters and a great deal of snow.  Snow is so rare now.  We get about an inch each winter.  In fact, just a few days before the tornados–we had snow. The temperature was below freezing.  Then it was unseasonably warm.  The two fronts just didn’t mix and  caused the tornados. 

The sun has been shining today.  It was beautiful yesterday, too.  However, the temperatures are still cool.  I enjoyed walking my dogs in the sunshine.  Since November, walks have been rare for me.  My dogs were used to a good walk each day.  It was certainly wonderful to be out in the sunshine again. 

Yes, life is uncertain.  A person’s life can change in a split second.  That is why we must learn to have thankfulness and peace in our hearts–no matter what our outer circumstances are. My peace and thankfulness comes from the roots that have grown in my heart as a person of faith.  My particular faith is the Eastern Christian Orthodox faith. It has helped me so much in my plight with cancer. 

May God’s peace be with each of you, today!




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10 02 2008

My best to both you and your friend. wondering if your friend Neal was taking/is taking aone of the fat soluble statin drugs to lower cholesterol (Lipitor, zocor, Lescol, crestor)

10 02 2008

Thanks for writing anonymou4, I really have no idea what kind of medicines Neal was taking.

11 02 2008

Hi Nicole3. Your advice at the end of your post is so profound. It is true what you say – we have to live gratefully for what we have. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

Spillay xx

11 02 2008

I am so happy that you do not have to have chemo. That must be a relief for you. I am so sorry to hear of your friends illness. With good friends like yours, news like this seems to stun the mind and becomes so hard to grasp…I can understand their relunctance to sell their home and move anywhere. Have they contacted the manufacturers of the medicine to see if there is a way that they can help him get his meds? One thing that I have noticed is that the radical suggestions that are made seems to totally discount any surviving members of the family…What to do???…Neal’s life has been a blessing to so many. Hopefully, “God will make a way when there is no other way” Thank you for your faith, Nicole3…I especially appreciate your prayers…thanks again.

12 02 2008

Hello Spillay!
Yes, thankfulness is a wonderful medicine for each of us. So good to hear from you.


12 02 2008

Hello Shadowlands,
Thanks for your concern for Neal. I would never have thought to tell him to ask the makers of the drug for help. This past Sunday during our coffee hour , a friend mentioned getting her medicines from the makers. It is worth a try. I’ll be sure to give hime that suggestion.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Today is the day I go to Nashville with my oldest daughter to see the genetic doctor.


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