Sickness, Agony Of Love Revisited and Vicious Storms

6 02 2008

As I was waking up this morning, I heard Jim calling in sick to his workplace.  Jim never calls in sick unless he is really suffering. Likewise, Vera woke up extremely sick.  One of our grandsons has had a nasty stomach virus.  Vera and Jim caught it.  I’ve been running up and down the stairs today trying to meet their needs. 

In my last two posts I’ve mentioned Maria’s having a growth in her breast.  I’ve also talked about how she doesn’ t have health insurance.  I sat with Maria in the doctor’s office Monday morning.  It was a difficult time.  Her doctor examined her and found the lump.  The ultra sound really didn’t show up anything.  It was done by a technician.  My ultra sound done at the Vanderbilt Breast Clinic was done by a radiologist.  Somehow, I just don’t think she received a good screening like I did. The next step is for Maria to see my surgeon on the 18th of this month.  She is a little more accepting of her decision to move forward. 

Meanwhile, I went to see my physician at the MaxWell Clinic yesterday.  Vera went with me.  It was good for Vera to be able to ask questions.  I love the way patients are treated at this clinic.  My doctor spent a whole hour going over pros and cons of what choices I have. She emphasized once again the supplements that are good to prevent breast cancer.  Any woman with a history of breast cancer in the family should be taking curcummin.  I take 2,000 mg daily.  That high of a dosage is probably not necessary for someone who hasn’t had cancer.  I forgot to get my doctor’s opinion on that.  However, she did state that 1,000 mg of vitamin D is a must.  She also suggested green tea extract.  During my visit with her, we looked at this website: .  We didn’t have time to go over the information in detail.  That is some of my homework this week.

I also went to see my surgeon this afternoon.  Once again he drained water from my remaining tissue.  It was not quite as much this time–so we are making progress.  He is a very compassionate man.  He and his nurse are looking forward to what the genetic doctor will tell Sandy next week.  I go back to my surgeon the very next day.  They want a full report.  He was also very compassionate about Maria.  They know our family.  I was assured that they would work with Maria in a kind way about making payments that she could afford. 

In the midst of one’s personal problems–one should never lose sight of the suffering of others.  Last night a very vicious storm went through five state in the South.  Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama were hit extremely hard.  The weather was just too hot yesterday.  It was around 75 degrees in our town.  My mid afternoon piano student came by with a check to pay me for several weeks but didn’t want to stay.  She wanted to get home fast. By 4:00 p.m., there was no sign of a storm, so Jim and I went on to our cancer support group.  After we got home, the storm started.  We were spared right here in the city.  However, in the county the storm hit hard.  One person died.  In Tennessee at least 28 people have died.  We pray for those who have lost loved ones and those who have lost their homes. 

When I started my blog I never meant for it to be a blog about just one topic. I’ve enjoyed writing about my Orthodox faith.  I’ve written much about cancer.  I’ve tried to have light hearted blogs about some of my experiences in life.  I purpose not to create sadness on purpose.  I hope to continue mixing light hearted posts with life’s trials.  Bear with me as I struggle to find balance in writing my posts.  I’ve appreciated so much the feedback that I have received from my readers. 

May God bless each of you!




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6 02 2008

I was thinking of you most of the day. In Southern Indiana, the end of those terrible storm hit us. We lost an out building, but it wasn’t a twister, but straight line winds estimated at 100 mph. I thought of those who lost their lives in the night and I was worried about you and yours. Sometimes, it seems the earth duplicates the chaos that is in life(cancer and the unknown) and we are spared more times than we think…so glad you and your family were spared. Our prayers are with you and Maria and Vera…No matter what you write, I enjoy reading it all….

7 02 2008

Thank you ShadowLands for your concern and prayers. Sorry you lost your out building. If you live in Southern Indiana–maybe sometime we could meet each other. Have a great day!

7 02 2008

I would like that. I am fairly familiar with your “neck of the woods”. When we had the lumber business, we pulled lumber out of Clarksville, TN. I loved the Land Between the Lakes”…here’s hoping that we can meet…but just so glad you all were spared the destruction of those tornados.

7 02 2008

That is nice that you know our part of the Kentucky. Clarksville, TN is almost like home to us. Someday, I’m sure we can meet each other.


10 02 2008
David Web

We saw how the storms ripped through Crofton in the north of Christian County. The news said seven were killed in KY.
Still, it is good that the storm didn’t hit in the more populated city. One of my best friends; who is anti phone, and anti technology, lives in the Crofton area. I seldom hear from him, and will simply believe he and his family were spared.

None of us mere mortals know about the climate change, whether it be cyclical or leaning toward permanence. The earth has had mini ice ages also within the last 500 years. However, I do believe we are having an impact on the weather through our use of fossil fuels. It only stands to reason that the extraction of mass and subsequent burning of fuel not only creates a greenhouse effect, but also reduces the weight of the core of the earth over time. Oil and coal have mass and weight. No one knows how this translates into the solar system and consequently the universe.

I’m so glad you don’t need chemotherapy, and am saddened that Maria may face surgery at her young age. I hope Jim got over his bug and back to work. I hope you have a great week Nichole.

Little Brother

10 02 2008

Hey little brother,
I think the “greenhouse” effect is definitely a cause in the warmer winters we have been having in Kentucky. I don’t know much about fossil fuels but I’m sure they contribute.
We’ve been trying to do our small part by recyling. Sometimes it feels like a waste of time–when one sees so much waste being put into the landfills.
However, we save all of our cardboard boxes, glass, plastic and aluminum and every two weeks take it to a recyling center. It is amazing how much one can stashed just in two weeks.
Yes, we were definitely spared in the city. My yard is a mess though. This week we will have to get all of the tree limbs and branches cleaned up.


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