Thanks For The Incredible Response To The Agony Of Love

3 02 2008

As a blogger it is fun to check my stats several times a day.  Some days are very slow and others are rich with visitors.  I love to see the different websites that are referred.  My blog on  The Agony Of Love has been the most popular post I’ve written.  I would suspect folks have readily identified with my angst.  Others I think– can identify with the problems of health insurance in our country.

My younger brother who comments quite often felt a great deal of anger about people like Maria and Kirk –who have tried to start their own business ,but don’t have the money for health insurance. I’ve written before on my posts about how the working poor seem to fall through the cracks. 

I know that Jim and I had no health insurance for the birth of our first two children.  I remember making payments to the hospital and the doctor.  I tease my two  oldest children that they were bought on time.  Yet, It really isn’t funny.  So many in our country are in the same position that Kirk and Maria are in.  My blog is not about bitterness or strife.  So let’s just say that for every impossibility–there is a possibility.  I know Maria will be fine.  Paying for her medical bills is a very minor concern compared to making sure that her health is taken care of.  Maria has been amazed that people have even wanted to read about her life.  She is very touched at the wonderful reponse.

Tomorrow I will go with Maria to talk with her doctor about her tests.  Tuesday, I see my primary care physician at the MaxWell Clinic to talk about genetic testing.  Friday, I see my cancer doctor.  This will be a busy week and I will try to tie the stories together sometime during the week.  I just wanted to thank everyone for being so kind.

God bless each of you!




4 responses

5 02 2008

Hi Nichole3. I was just checking in on you. Being a busy week and all – please take it easy. 🙂

Spillay xx

5 02 2008

Hello Spillay
It is great hearing from you. Yes, it has been a busy week. I hope to write about it soon. Thanks for checking in.

6 02 2008

What a lot you have on your plate at the moment. I hope your week goes well.

Many people in this world complain about paying their taxes, and say that the poor in this world should fix their own problems so that they can have more cash to spend.

If they faced problems like these, without the money to pay for them, I’m sure they’d begin look at things in an entirely different way.

I agree with your brother that access for all to equal opportunity of care is a fundamental component of any compassionate society – at the significant risk of appearing political, I would say that surely this is something we should file firmly within the category of inalienable rights.

6 02 2008

I always appreciate your compassion to those who are in need. I will never forget your trip to Kenya where you took clothing and toys to the poor. You have a generous spirit.

We keep hoping that our country will adopt some type of national health insurance. Yes, It will be interesting what this upcoming election will bring.

Thanks again for your support!

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