Kentucky Rains And The Sunshine of Grandchildren

29 01 2008

Sunny days have been rare in Western Kentucky since December.  What a contrast to the drought we experienced in July and August. During the summer, the sun wouldn’t stop shining long enough for any rain.  By August instead of green grass–we had just a burnt straw like substance on the ground.  Farmers had a very tough time.  In our county– corn, wheat and tobacco  are the main crops.  The fields were just burned up.  Temperatures stayed around 100 degrees for a good six weeks.  Now it rains a great deal.  It is that dark , ugly time of the year.

I’m so grateful for the sunshine of my grandchildren.  We have them three afternoons a week.  The other two days they stay with their sitter.  She lives next door to Sandy and has kept the children since the birth of our first grandson, John.  As a working mom–this is an excellent situation for Sandy.  The two families are also great friends. 

I pick John up from Kindergarten and then we head to Nanna’s home to get Alex.  Alex who will be four in April loves John Deere stuff.  His favorite item of clothing are his John Deere  boots.  He got them for Christmas.  Sandy got a size to small.  Thank goodness, she is a partner in her company.  She was able to take time off of work to take Alex to Clarksville, TN to make the exchange.  She told me that his constant question on their journey was: “Mommy, will they have the right size?” They had a successful exchange and the little guy has been so happy with his boots.

Yesterday , he not only had his boots on– but he had on a  John Deere  sweatshirt  and a John Deere cap.  He was adorable.  The boys love our old cell phones.  Our contract was up in December with the company that we had been using.  The boys knew we were planning to change phones and anticipated getting the old ones.  I don’t let them take them home.  We keep them charged so that they can play all of the songs , take pictures, set the alarm,  etc.  John loves to secretly set the alarm so that it will go off  after he has gone home.  I take the cell phones with me when I pick up the boys.  They expect that!  Although they both have a room full of toys at their home–simple things like playing with old cell phones fill them with delight. 

Yesterday was extra special because Jim got home at 2:30 p.m.  Over the weekend, his supervisor told him that he was back on eight hour shifts Monday through Friday.  So now Jim works from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Alex is especially drawn to Jim.  They spent about an hour together at the computer playing educational games.  I always go through John’s folder and see what he did at school.  He is starting to have homework now.  Vera worked with him on his homework and gave him some gum as a reward.  We also colored some alphabet letter sheets that I had downloaded.  I have  a huge folder of all the letters.  I made many copies of each one.  John likes us to pick a letter and color them.  He insists that we color them exactly alike.  Thus , he picks out the colors and we take turns with them.  This is a phase he is going through so I just go along with his desire. 

When it comes time to fix supper–the boys have to be involved in the kitchen.  I have so many plastic cooking utensils they like to play with.  John likes to pretend he is running a restaurant.  He takes our orders.  He is using his printing skills by trying to write out our orders.  Alex is fascinated that we eat broccoli so often.  We started eating more broccoli  since I found out I have cancer.  He sat in Vera’s  lap as she was cutting up the broccoli to steam.  I was cooking the spaghetti.  They enjoyed eating with us.  I did have to melt some cheese on their broccoli in order to get them to eat it.

After we finished dinner, we had just enough time to read some books.  Our local library has been selling old hardback children’s books for a $1.00 a piece.  We look for books about trains, airplanes,  trucks, dump trucks and all kinds of tractors.  Alex especially loves one book we recently bought about a man named Dan, who works all day with a construction crew using his dump truck.  I read that book to him over and over again. 

Oh, I forgot to tell you that I’m Mawcaw to the boys.  John started calling me Mawcaw when he was around a year old.  It has stuck.  Now the boys are starting to call Jim Pawcaw instead of grandpa. 

I get so tickled at the cute things they say.  Yesterday I was opening up a jar with a device that Jim got me when we were first married.  I told John: “Your grandpa bought this jar opener for me before your mother was born.”  John then said:”  Now you are the mother of my mother and she is the mother of me.”  Its hysterical.  I love it! 

Our children didn’t grow up having grandparents around.  I consider it a privilege to have our two little grandsons growing up close to us.  Thanks for indulging me in a little light hearted blog today.  This is just one of those days when it is so dark and gloomy outside–that I had write about  the sunshine of my grandchildren.

God bless each of you!




4 responses

29 01 2008

Aren’t they wonderful, Nicole? My grandsons are a delight and the are the bright spots on my husband and my life…It is fun to play with them. They think it is so neat that NanNan can play Godzilla and Megatron with them (they know that I can see them just like they do *smile*) I am so happy for you that you get the special afternoons…

30 01 2008

Thanks again for your comment. Yes, grandchildren are fun. My internet just came back on after a big storm last night. Hope to catch up with you soon.


31 01 2008

I just breezed through all six parts of your conversion story and am deeply moved by the incredible faithfullness of your entire family. It was breathtaking!

Thank you for inviting me to visit here. I pray for all of God’s blessings on you and your family.

The Lord be with you.

1 02 2008

Thank you JFred, I’ll be keeping up with you on your website. God’s peace to you!


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