The Story of Vera and Her Family, Chapter 6

16 01 2008


My brother David, was living with Phillip at the time. Phillip thought it would be good for David to come live with us for awhile. David hitch hiked to our home. With the arrival of Uncle David, life became a little more bearable. David did all the shopping and cooking for three months until he got a job. He also agreed to babysit once in awhile , so that your Dad and I could take evening walks and enjoy an occasional date. Each one of you children bonded with David..

Maria, became known as “Glink Tocome” and we still call her that on occasion.. You were almost five years old. Your smiles and accidents still abounded. You still picked scabs and you were starting to show ” your messy housekeeping” ways. Maria had to have all of her toys, etc. absolutely in order. You could have cared less. Maria would not play with her dolls because she didn’t want them to get dirty. Your dolls not only got dirty but at least one of them lost a head. Eight year Sandy packed a bag to run away.  Uncle David caught her at the door.  We all just laughed.  Ben had to share his bunkbed with Uncle David.  I don’t think it bothered him.  David baked biscuits most every day.  His cooking was a hit! We laughed at David rolling his cigarettes.  It was a a great deal of fun to have Uncle David live with us.

In May, David got a job as a waiter at a Denny’s restaurant. He had money for the first time in months. He had rolled his cigarettes for three months. Now he could actually buy his cigarettes. In July, he began looking for his own place. The excitement of his living with us had grown old. He had been sharing Ben’s s room. Everyone was restless. We knew it was time for David to have his own place. He still came to see us often. We will never forget how wonderful he was to us during a very low period of our lives.

. Now I had all my children in school all day. It was the freedom that I both loved and hated. You loved all day Kindergarten. Some of your cutest pictures are from that year. You soon had a little buddy named Frank. You adopted him and he adopted you. You had a very successful school year. School was out before we knew it. Little did we know that our lives were once again going to change in a radical way.

My father called me in late May to tell me that he and his wife, wanted to come for a visit. I literally scrubbed our home from head to toe in preparation for this event. Remember, I hadn’t seen my father since I was 8 years old.

It was certainly a strange experience seeing Dad again. I wanted for him to be proud of me and our family. They stayed at the Holiday Inn in Irondale. Thus, began a wonderful week of excitement. He took us shopping and bought each of you swim suits and several outfits. Each afternoon we went over to the Holiday Inn for a time of swimming. Dad bought all our meals out that week except for two. His wife cooked chicken wings one night and David grilled hamburgers one evening. David still lived in Birmingham. He and his girlfriend, Sue, were quite a wonderful part of that week.

As Dad was getting ready to leave Birmingham, he handed me a $l00 dollar bill. I bought a bike with that money. That week was the totality of his gifts to our family. Except for small tokens, never again did he do anything special for any of us. 




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20 01 2008
Brent WC

This stuff is almost surreal to me now. It is difficult for me to imagine those times now, yet they were very real and upon us was bestowed a special time of bonding such as we’d never had before.

It was a great blessing being around your children as well, having been temporarily neutralized in my relationship with my own arrows. It gave me a sense of healing about the future also.

I have not heard from Sue in many years now and she was very upset when I became serious about Catherine, with whom I cast my lot, now coming up on twenty years.

At least I got my feet planted for awhile in Birmingham, and do have fond memories of my morning beers at your house after the midnight shift and a steady diet of humble pie fed me by the Almighty.

Perhaps we siblings can all be together at least one more time in this temporal life into which we have been casted for the sake of eternity. We have had riches galore even when we appeared poor in the world. David is perhaps fitting for me, as I know we have parallels in some respects. Keep on writing and doing it well.

20 01 2008

Little brother,
Sorry to be so late on writing you back. I have been gone most of the day. Yes, those were special times. You have done well in Denver, CO. You’ve done well with Katherine. I loved your commentary!


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