The River Of Life Is Continually Flowing

10 01 2008

One of the elements of blogging that I enjoy the most–is that I’m learning to see the world as my home.  It is not just my little family unit , or even just my community.  By reading other blogs–I learn the joys and heartaches of others.  I learn about the way people live around the world.  Vera , my daughter, minored in global studies.  She is way ahead of me– in her ability of instantly sifting through everyday problems versus global problems.  Thus, I’m continually learning , growing and stretching. 

Back in the early 1980’s, when personal computers were quite a new thing–I felt a real fear of our world becoming less personal.  When we became a part of the world wide web in l997–I was the last in my family to really be involved with this world wide web stuff.  I felt intimated that commercials adverstising their products would display a web address.  Vera was a freshman in college that year.  She would write glowing emails of how she was going to travel the world.  Secretly, I was afraid to talk about that with her.  I’d never bring  her desires up.  Then after her sophmore year in college, she started talking about spending the summer in Ukraine.  I knew I had to just stretch and let her be free to do what she wanted to do.  She did go to Ukraine.  After college, she went to Ukraine for a whole year to teach school.  Oh, My!  That was hard on me.  So I’ve had to overcome a very micro way of thinking.  Vera has inspired me a great deal.  I have no doubt that when she has had some time to be at home with us for awhile–that she will take off on another world journey. 

Since I’ve been blogging for three months now–I’ve been surprised at the relunctance of some of my friends and loved ones to read blogs.  I hear over and over again:”I just don’t read or do blogs in any way.” This type of statement has come out of some very smart people.  One of my own brothers who is a college professor–simply won’t read blogs.  I’m trying to understand that and not be judgemental.  For as I have already written–I’ve been a slow starter to the cyberspace world.

It has been a thrill to read about other people’s lives.  I’ve followed people on their own personal journeys.  I get ansy–when they don’t post for a few days.  Yet, I don’t post each day. I simple don’t have the time.  I’ve developed a compassion for people that I don’t really know and will never meet in person.  Yet, my thoughts and prayers are for these fellow bloggers.  Likewise, it is fun–when some of them visit my website.  I feel like I’m a part of a big world wide family.

However, our own families and community are still our most important priority.  I’m hoping to become a part of the cancer support group here.  I still want to help and encourage families that are struggling just to make it through another day of just living.  Cancer isn’t the only enemy in the camp.  People’s lives right here in my community are torn to pieces by alcoholism, drugs, dysfunctional living of all kinds.  My own next door neighbor knocked on  our door last Friday night–wanting to talk a bit about the horrible conflict he was having with his 16 year old daughter.  He is trying to raise her as a single parent. 

Mary, my dear friend, had a little grandson born last night –who is already hooked up to all kinds of machines.  She was devastated.  However, in her sorrow–she was able to connect and show love to a family who had a little son who was  delivered–stillborn. 

Hope , another special friend, called me on her lunch break today. She works in Nashville.  Last summer she went on a mission trip to Alaska.  She worked in a village–that one can only get to by boat.  The poverty is overwhelming.  The Orthodox Community of Ft. Campbell, Ky., sent boxes of toys and icons for their Christmas.  These children don’t hardly even know what a toy is.  The priest sold his boat to have money to go to seminary.  When he came back to this village as a priest–he had to have a boat.  He had to go into debt to buy this boat so her could serve his people.  Again, the Ft. Campbell people sent some money to help with his loan.  Hope has helped me grow with my global thinking.  She is also interested in Kenya.  I told her that I have a fellow blogger who has written much about Kenya and has  been there many times to help people in need.  I’m hoping she will read some of his articles.

So the river of life is always flowing.  We can’t afford to be self absorbed.  We must continually think in a macro way about our communities, our countries and our world.

On my home front–I’ll keep trying to influence my friends and family that blogging is really an essential life choice–especialy my college professor brother.  May your river of life expand today!

God bless each of you!




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11 01 2008

Excellent points, Nichole.

The internet is at the same time both a beast and a blessing – witnessable in the many scams and porn sites which exist by the miilion, as well as in the technological wonders and co-operative marvels of dazzling sites such as Google Earth and Wikipedia.

Unfortunately (and fortunately) that diversity is also a reflection of the various gifts and problems of the world at large.

But I’m resolutely optimistic. I can still remember reading the account by one internet friend (a fairly new acquaintance then, and now of some long standing) of how he heard unexpected thunder whilst out running, early on a chilly winter Texas morning in February 2003.

Unknown to him then, the Space Shuttle had blown up right above him as he ran.

It was a simple and yet tragic story, which I experienced vividly through someone else’s eyes, a quarter of a world away.

I’ve heard it said that the internet offers nothing more and nothing less than the single greatest revolution in publishing within the history of the world.

It’s easy to get carried away with such hyperbole. William Caxton, and the good folks of Gutenburg, would have a word or two to say against that view.

But then I think about that winter’s morning, and I know that there is a good deal of truth within that perspective, all the same.

Thanks for writing your story. I finally got up to date today. So much has happened within the time since you started writing, and I’m full of admiration for the way you’ve coped.

All best wishes, from London to Kentucky.

11 01 2008

Yes, Roads–I think all of the negative use of the internet put me off for so very long. However, there is a negative use for every wonderful technological invention that has ever been part of our world. We do have to be postive and be the ones who make the internet a great and wonderful place. My life is so enriched by many. I hope many will visit your two websites and be as enriched as I have been. Thank you so much for reading my stories. I went to the cancer doctor this morning. It was a long, long wait–because ironically–one of the cancer doctors has throat cancer now. I saw him leave. He looked like he was carrying a chemo device with him. None of my information had gotten to the cancer center. They had to have it faxed. Then–the cancer doctor realized that my tumor still has not been tested for estrogen or progesterin. So they are contacting Vanderbilt to test the biopsy sample for that. So I’m on hold for another month. It really zapped me of strength. He also told me that they are still looking at one lymph node. My afternoon was kind of wasted. I was fairly dark with my emotions. I feel better tonight. That is part of life–these ups and downs. Well, thanks again for writing from London.


11 01 2008

Bother – how frustrating. It sounds like the hospital staff were having a bad day. I hope they are more organised next time you visit.

You mentioned that you have a CPA in the family. Does that mean Criminal Prosecution Attorney? Because I was wondering whether it might be useful to have one of those to hand for such occasions, and specifically to wake ’em up…

12 01 2008

Keep flowing with your river, my dear. Psalms One talks about a person, because of their of choice of a Godly way, as a tree who is planted by the rivers of water. And we all know that as rivers flow, they always get bigger! And the bigger they get, the more they touch! And like anything else in this world, they can be good or bad. But rivers of God’s compassion can only be good, they “bring forth fruit in its season, . . . whatever he does shall propser.” Keep flowing in God’s love for “others” and this will be you, my dear. Love, Herman

12 01 2008

Roads, A CPA is a certificed public accountant in our country. Sandy got her undergraduate degree in business administration and after several years of being an accountant with the firm she is with–studying to take the CPA exam. It is highly respected thing to be a CPA and a partner in one’s company. What would that be called in London? Thanks again, for your interest.


15 01 2008

I really love this post. I am still new to the world of blogging, and initially, I felt afraid to read the blogs of others. I felt that I was tresspassing into their private lives. It wasn’t long before I realised that I wasn’t,…and this wonderful world opened up for me.

Thank you for sharing so beautifully 🙂


15 01 2008

You are just a little younger in the blogger than I am. I am just a couple of weeks ahead of you. It has been fun. I know you will enjoy it. People want their blogs to be read. I’ll be checking yours.


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