A Miraculous Week Of Recovery

4 01 2008

I gave Vera the night off from doing chores.  She was very tired from a week full of many responsibilites.  I had the energy to load the dish washer, make Jim’s lunch for tomorrow, and take care of the pet chores.  For the past two days I’ve not needed a nap. It is hard to believe that last Friday evening , I was in the hospital.

I could have chosen a lumpectomy and had several weeks of radiation.  However, I was afraid to do that– since my mother , grandmother and a maturnal aunt all had breast cancer.  As the days to my surgery came closer–I had real concerns about the unknown.  I had read about draining tubes and changing bandages .  I heard stories about horrific pain.  Therefore, I just didn’t think I’d ever be grocery shopping or loading dishes within a week’s time.

We’ve had our share of annoying situations this week.  On Monday, both our toilets decided to plug up.  A regular household plunger just wouldn’t do the job.  I called Ben, our son, on his cell phone for some help.  He had taken a great deal of time off during the holidays and was back logged on his jobs.  Naturally he was very frustrated to stop what he was doing to come help his mom.  However, he did come and snaked out one toilet and managed to just plunge the other.  He apologized for being short with me.  I was grateful he came. 

On Thursday, I asked Jim to find our new insurance cards.  Actually, they are a type of debit card that we will be using this year for our co-pays and medicine.  I remembered them coming in the mail.  Jim told me that he would put them in his desk drawer.  Jim’s desk drawer was in an awful mess.  So we spent an hour sorting through all kinds of stuff.  We never did find the cards.  I was mad at Jim .  Likewise, I was mad at myself for not having put the cards in a safe place.  Jim went by the insurance company to file a claim for our cancer insurance.  He mentioned that he couldn’t  find the cards.  Actually, he had one card.  But I distinctly remembered two coming in the mail with a note to disregard the first card.  Well, it will all work out in the end.  The cards can be replaced.  Nevertheless, such chaos is not something I enjoy. 

This afternoon Vera and I had charge of my grandsons.  We went to pick up John around noon.  His school dismissed early today. John was very quiet.  When we got home, he asked for our old cell phones.  “Why didn’t you bring them in the car when you came to get me?”  I asked,”Is that why you were quiet on the ride home?”  “Yes, Mawcaw!”  “I wanted you to have the cell phone with you.”  While he was eating lunch, he had fun taking pictures and down loading the ringer tones. 

We didn’t pick up little brother from his sitter right away.  We spent some time in Vera’a room listening and watching Garth Brooks videos on the computer.  I haven’t thought about Garth Brooks since Vera was 13.  Vera is now 28 years old. She is really in to his new ultimate hits album.  I actually enjoyed listening to some of the old songs.  John knows many of the words by heart because his mother, Sandy, is a Garth Brooks fan.  I wanted to watch the Standing Outside The Fire video.  This video really distressed John.  He didn’t understand the idiom of this video. 

We picked up Alex and more fun continued.  I had a little jeep with a grandmother and a dead deer that played the little tune: “Grandma got run over by a reindeer.”That actually happened to me a couple of years ago.  I was on a dark country road, creeping along at about 25 miles an hours.  I hit a big buck.  He was stunned but I don’t think he was hurt.  I had a front light knocked out.  The boys remember this story because it is a favorite in our home.

Believe me it has been a wonderful week.  Yet, it has had it’s shares of ups and downs with ordinary life.  I’m thankful to have been well enough to have participated in ordinary life.  This blog isn’t always going to be serious.  There will be times I talk about good eating and cancer prevention. However,  I hope to knit these serious themes in the stuff of real living.  I hope to maintain a sense of humor. 

Thank the lord for old cells phones for little boys to play with, Garth Brooks and the warmth and love of everyday life.

May God bless each of you!




2 responses

11 01 2008
Brent WC

Hey Nichole. I’m amazed at how you’re keeping fine tuned to the little details of everyday life. Thank God for ginko-biloba which enhances the memory function.

Mary and I have had some bumps in the road with respect to focusing on the mundane of late. She is now taking ginko with me. Don’t be too hard on Jim. I’m sure he’s been worried sick about you.

I can just hear our dear Brother declining to read your blog. I myself was reluctant to embrace the internet, and only learned Microsoft skills when I saw the writing on the wall. This PC immersion has been revolutionary in our society, along with the cell phone.

It’s hard to believe that when I came to Denver, it was right after deregulation of the telephone monolopies, and that a long distance network based on land lines was so comeptetive at the time. More and more people don’t even use wired phones these days. They will soon join the other relics of history brought about by the technological boom times we are living in.

Watch our for those deer. Here, the State is trying to feed a large herd in the Gunnison Valley, with snow up to the bellies of bucs, and many are dying from starvation. We have amazing snow pack in the mountains this year. That is very good news for the arid west which depends on the Colorado River Basin.

Love always…BWC

11 01 2008

Hey little brother,
Your comment is wonderful. I’ve missed your voice on my blog. It is hard to believe how things have changed sinced the l980’s. I love the internet and I love my cell phone. Glad you and Mary are surviving in the cold of Denver.


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