Nichole’s Surgery, thumbs up!

28 12 2007

This is Vera writing for Nichole.  Mom had a very succesful surgery today. Praise the Lord! Her lymph nodes were found to be without cancer.  However, we won’t know until her appointment with the oncologist in two weeks what kind of follow up treatment she will have.

 Mom was bathed in prayers and she felt them all.  Father Peter, the Orthodox Priest from Ft. Campbell, came and prayed with her before the surgery and spent time with our family before the operation.  He was a real blessing and a servant of God.  We felt a real peace about everything.

Mom’s friends Mary and Hope went to the chapel and read several prayers. They even read a special Akathist (a special type of prayer) to the Mother of God for cancer patients during the surgery.  Mom’s friends from all of the country have repeatedly told her that they were praying for her.

Thank you so much for praying.  When Mom came out of the recovery room, her cheeks were rosey.  She had so much color and she was coherent and in good spirits. This evening she ate a big meal and kept it all down.  She knows that she won’t always feel this good. The adrenaline and morphine are really kicking in.  She will go home tomorrow and I am sure that she will have many difficult days ahead.

It’s interesting to see how our animals have reacted to everything.  Yesterday, all of the animals were so nervous. They paced around the house, and Rudy kept wanting to be held all day.  This morning, their nerves were shot. They knew something was going on.  Our special needs cat Katie didn’t eat this morning and when I came home this afternoon she had not eaten anything at all.  However, after I came home to check on the animals, they somehow seemed to understand that everything was okay. Katie started chomping down and the dogs weren’t as restless.

I just talked to Mom by phone and she wants to thank everyone for their prayers. She gives everything a thumbs up. Please contintue to keep her in your prayers




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