And Joy Shall Reign

20 12 2007

Again, Jim is in bed early.  After he went to bed–I washed my dishes and made some pumpkin bread.  It is cooking in the oven now.  The smells of the spices remind me of the spice cake my grandmother used to make every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It was actually a jam cake enhanced by the same spices I use for my pumpkin bread.  She always used to make a lemon icing for it.  I love the smells of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.  I always remember my grandmother when I smell this combination of spices.

I ate lunch today with my childhood friend.  Sadly, she had to fly into town for the funeral of her grandmother.  Each summer she visits and we have a favorite deli we like to eat at.  We generally spend about four hours catching up at this little deli.  We like it because there are not waitresses or waiters who need to keep their tables rotating.  There is no pressure–we can just sit and talk.  So we met today and she gave me a lovely praying angel to encourage me in the days ahead.  We talked about her family and my breast cancer.  Then she came by our home to see how I had painted it.  She also needed to use our computer.  It was a lovely visit.  We’ve known each other since the fourth grade.  She befriended me–as I had moved from Michigan.  I had a strange accent and the children were rather distant with me.  I’ve always loved my friend for taking me under her wings in  my very difficult days of adjusting to a new home and school.

This has been an interesting week.  My brother whom I see so rarely, as he is a busy college professor, took me out to eat lunch.  That evening our former mayor dropped by while we were eating dinner.  He sat down and ate with us.  We had been trying to get our schedules together for a couple of months now.  He lives in a home in the inner city which has been made into a type of community center.  It is loosely based on Jane Addam’s Hull House. He invited us to visit and see how it has changed.  We hadn’t been to see it since it has been completed.  What a lovely home–made possible by the donations of so many in the community.  Again, he encouraged us to stay put in this older section of town and be a real shining light for Christ. 

I don’t have the grandchildren as often since Jim has a different work schedule.  However, I did have them yesterday.  I went to pick up John at noon from Kindergarten.  School was dismissed early.  John had a whole bunch of bags he was carrying.  Many of the children had brought gifts for each child in the class.  He also had a back pack full of candy.  I didn’t know he hadn’t eaten  lunch.  We did a little shopping.  He kept asking to go get some chocolate ice cream.  I kept reminding him of how he was stuffed full of goodies.  He didn’t bother to tell me that he didn’t have lunch at school like he usually does.  Later, we picked up Alex from his sitter and went to the library.  They are strangers to no one.  John especially will talk to anyone.  One of the librarians was sitting at a little table near the puzzle table–John just talked her ear off.  In the car, the subject of his not eating turkey came up again.  John asked me if chickens had to be killed in order for him to have chicken nuggets.  I didn’t want to tell him  the truth ,but I couldn’t lie.  He declared that his days of eating chicken nuggets are over.  Poor John! 

Today, Jim spent a great deal of time fixing up Vera’s room.  He is so excited that she is coming home.  Vera called when  I was on my way to the grocery store.  I won’t talk on the phone and drive.  So I called her when I got to the store.  She was tired from working on the final things she needed to do.  She has had quite a challenge of clearing out her room at the school she teaches at and getting her studio apartment cleared out.  We are looking forward to her coming home tomorrow.

The days are flying by fast.  My cancer surgery is next Friday.  Although I have had some down moments–I keep pressing on with daily living.  I’m so thankful that my life is full and busy.  It is time to take the pumpkin bread out of the oven.  Again I think of my grandmother.  I thank the Lord for all of His blessing.  And joy shall reign.

May God bless each of you!




3 responses

20 12 2007

Too Funny about the chicken nuggets. I laughed so hard. But guess what– he ate 10 nuggets last night.

20 12 2007

I’m glad you got a good laugh about John not wanting to eat chicken nuggets. I guess he forgot our conversation as he ate those 10 yummy nuggets.

21 12 2007

We are so different, My Dear. I guess that is one of the things that makes the world go round.

The Lord knew what you would need not only at the moment but also down the road in giving you your precious childhood friend.

Keep writing, keep living life to the fullest, keep acknowleging Him. Love, Herman

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