A Visit To The Adsmore Museum And Living Below One’s Means

8 12 2007

There is a Victorian home in Princton, Ky– that provides one with a sense of beauty and history.  Yesterday, I made my fifth visit to the Adsmore Museum with a couple of my girlfriends.  They have different themes throughout the year.  I had never visited during  the Christmas season.  The celebration staged was Christmas Eve , l901. 

The Smith family bought this home in l900 and began adding more features–thus it has the name Adsmore.  They had three daughters and two sons.  One of the daughters and her husband and their baby daughter, also lived in the home.  Katherine Garrett, the baby daughter, grew up to inherit the mansion.  She had a great deal of forsight.  Upon her death, more than a dozen large trunks of goods were neatly packed in tobacco leaves.  She had left the home to the public library.  There are period costumes, china, toys, books, etc all in perfect condition. 

So on yesterday’s tour, the original sterling tea service was on display in the parlor.  In the bedrooms, Victorian period  clothing was displayed.  Around the Christmas tree in the parlor, little Catherine’s baby  toys were a delight to view.  It was a fantastic joy to see all the beauty of the Victorian age. 

After the tour, we looked for someplace to have a snack.  We found a vintage cafe and bakery on Market St.  It was like something out of the Mitford Series books.  We actually had coffee in real cups and our treats on glass plates.  After a leisurely time of talking and laughing–it was time to return to our homes.  As we passed through the town square, we were amazed that there is still so much commerce in the downtown area.  My little Western Kentucky town of about 30,000 has spread their commerce out to where farms once stood. .  Our downtown area is mostly made of lawyers and doctors.  So it was refreshing to have a little visit to the more quaint Princeton, Ky.

Alas, real life for me is a constant struggle not to get caught up in the values of our world.  Especially, during this Christmas season–I find myself praying my way through all the hustle and bustle.  I have to remind myself that I don’t want to wake up in January –with a bundle of bills in my mailbox.  Our priest gently admonished us to have most of our shopping done by the beginning of the Nativity Fast which started November the Sixteenth.  He wants  us to be quiet, thoughtful, and reverent during this Nativity season.

The past 15 years, our family has been more prosperous.  We made many financial blunders during the first years of Jim’s better job.  However, since 2001–we have gone back to living a very simple life.  Our Christmas will be very bland compared to many.  I know all to well–how things can break around the house.  Our experience of having to put a whole new water line in earlier this fall–was lesson enough.  Nothing we buy will be put on a credit card.  Everything will be paid for in cash.  Our grandsons will have the highest priority.  Our children and their mates will get only one gift.  Jim and I will only give each other one modest gift. 

Facing breast cancer, our priorities are to buy very nutritional food, herbs and supplements to enhance healing.  We also know that our fifteen year old car could go at any time.  We’ve been faithful to keep the oil changed, the fluids replenished, the tires rotated.  However, the reality is that the car could go downhill—fast.  Thus, we are trying to look at finances from the long  haul point of view. 

Our highest priority is to give ten percent of our income to the Lord.  Next, we save ten percent.  I have many simple living websites that I enjoy browsing.  I’m alway on the look out for new ideas and ways to live a modest life.  I’ve listed some of my links at the bottom of my web page.  My favorite all time money saving inspirations come from Amy Dacyczyn who has published several books under the title of: The Tightwas Gazette.  Absolutely no one has come close to her keen thinking and planning.  She retired some years ago from writing her articles.  I don’t think she even has a web site.  However, her books are still in print.

In conclusion, learn to put God first with your finances.  Tithe your ten percent.  Gradually learn to save as much as you can.  Finally, be at peace with a quality of life that does not compete with worldly standards.

May God bless each of you.




3 responses

8 12 2007
Brent WC

Nichole, your writing is so reader friendly! It makes one want to keep flipping through the blog. I hope you and Jim are snug in your nice warm house tonight, having had perhaps the veneing meal by now.

It’s good that you are centered in your faith and resting on the rock of ages. You are much in my thoughts and silent prayers these days.We are receiving champagne powder snow in Denver today and it will be very cold at night now that winter truly hearkens, only two weeks from soltice. Then the days will add a couple of minutes of light as they progress. Before you know iy, it will be light well into the evening, and you will hopefully have behind you the worst of your days with the cancer. Love always. BWC

8 12 2007

Thanks, little brother,
I always enjoy your comments. Out of my three brothers, you are expressing the most concern for me. I really appreciate that. You are in my prayers each day. That weather report you gave sounds brrrr! Glad it is milder here in Kentucky.


11 12 2007

Thanks for continuing the story… I enjoy reading and keeping up.
God’s peace to both of you.

love, Myrna

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