While You Wait….Just Do The Next Thing

20 11 2007

I once knew a lady who was famous for telling folks who stumbled along in life….to just do the next thing.If you have read my blogs–then it is well known that I have been waiting to find out if I have breast cancer.  I just found out about an hour ago , that I , indeed, do have cancer.  However, all morning long, I’ve been doing just the next thing.  I’ve washed clothes.  ( My washer wasn’t broken, after all)  I’ve bathed one of my dogs, taken a long walk, baked some fasting corn muffins and visited a friend.

In fact, my personal doctor called me on my cell phone as I was walking home from Mary’s house.  She wanted me to drive to Clarksville to talk with her.  However, I didn’t want to do that and told her I was fine with whatever news that she had for me.

I’m not going to lie.  It was a shock–even though I’ve been preparing for the worse.  I cried a little.  Now I’ve pulled myself together to just do the next thing.  I gave her the name of a surgeon that I liked and she is faxing him information this afternoon.  Meanwhile, I will spend the rest of the afternoon doing what I usually do.  I’ve been working on a piano sonata by Mozart—I will work on that.  I’ll finish this blog, fold clothes, and fix supper. 

The book of James that I quoted from yesterday also tells that our life on earth is like a vapor.  When we get to caught up with our walk here on earth–we forget the fragileness of life.  So I challenge each of you–to keep your heart right with God.  And, make sure you tell each of your family members how much you love them.  Count your blessings and sing for joy.

I will continue writing as much as I can about the next step for me and for my family.  Until then…. have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  I probably won’t post again until Friday.  God bless each of you.




2 responses

21 11 2007
Lynnae @ From Under the Clutter

You have an amazing attitude, considering the news you just received. May you feel the presence of God as you go through this difficult time.


21 11 2007

Mom, I love you so very much. I am sorry that I have not been reading your blogs everyday like I had been doing. You know all the things going on with me right now. I just tried catching up with a few of your latest blogs this morning. We can be grateful that your cancer was caught in the very early stages — and that we know you will not die from this. We all love you so very much. Maria

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