Another trip to The Vanderbilt Breast Center and The Alektor Cafe

16 11 2007

     Sandy, my 31 year old, daughter, took a day off of work to take me to the Vanderbilt Breast Center yesterday.  We have so little time to share and talk–so this provided a rich day of sharing.  I was scheduled to have a biopsy if the doctor couldn’t  shatter the little growth.  I was facing the ultra sound and was able to see him attack that little growth.  It just wouldn’t budge.  The next step was to do a biopsy.  The technician had her arm in the way, so I could no longer see the adventure on the screen.  I think she did this on purpose.  I just didn’t want to cause them any stress by complaining.  It was a completely non-evasive procedure. I’m so thankful that I didn’t have to have this done in a surgery room.  Everyone smiles at the breast center.  They sugar  one to pieces.  No one mentions the word cancer –it is always just following the next step. 

     Once again , it was a pleasure to visit the Alektor Cafe:  Fr. Parthenios Turner and his wife run this little cafe and bookstore.  Fr. Parthenios is the priest of Saint John Chrysostem Greek Orthodox Church in Nashville.  It is such a delightful place to visit.  Marion, his wife does all of the cooking.  Fr. Parthenios  is often seen in his apron getting people’s food orders ready.  We just started The Nativity Fast yesterday so I ordered a half of a mushroom sandwich and a blow of vegetarian chilli.  I was  studying the chilli so that I could try to make something similar at home.  It had all kinds of beans in it, plus tomatos and corn.  The chilli spice was just perfect.  It was so much better than the chilli I had made this week.  I’m going to have to work on emulating her recipe.

 I had hot Russia tea to drink.  Sandy had a deli sandwich and a huge brownie.  Sandy is not Orthodox , so I explained a little about our fast to her.  I don’t pressure my children to become Orthodox.  I respect Sandy’s freedom and right to enjoy her Baptist Faith.  She told me that her pastor had encouraged them to fast from to much television during this season. 

      While we were eating, we talked about her upcoming trip to Texas with the boys.  (They left this morning)  She is braver than I am to travel 10 hours with a 5 and 3 year old.  Sandy wanted to visit with her long time school friend.  They have kept up with each other since they were both in the sixth grade.  The boys were having fun gathering clothes and toys to take.  Sandy told me that their entire hallway in their home was full of “Texas”  things. 

     On the beautiful drive home, we talked about the importance of living below our means.  Sandy, a partner in her CPA firm foresees that one day she will be the top person.  She has done a super job of working on her own personal finances and I hope she will never forget to live below her means–even when she becomes the top executive.  I really appreciated her taking me to Nashville. (I wasn’t supposed to drive after my procedure).   Family is so important.  I’m so blessed to have four grown children who enjoy being with us.  Their constant imput and creativity in our lives is something I don’t take for granted.

     May each of you have a wonderful day!




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