To Our Good Health

13 11 2007

     The first 15 years of our marriage, we hardly ate out and we certainly couldn’t afford junk food.  My children thought it was a special day when I bought a little lunch meat and cheese slices.  Our little family grew up on powdered milk, a great deal of peanut butter and other simple foods. 

     It all changed for us when my husband got a better job in l993.  Instead of being frugal health wise and money wise, I started spending more money and buying more processed foods etc.  We began ordering pizza on a regular basis.  Jim and I both started gaining weight.  Our children were teenagers then with alot of energy so they didn’t gain weight.  However, this still was not the best lifesyle for them.  Off and on , I would reform my health habits but I would always slip back into the world of pizza, hamburgers and french fries. 

     For three years now, I’ve kept a closer watch over what we are eating.  Jim’s  health demanded it!  Mine did too as my cholesterol numbers kept soaring.  I got on a real baking kick  in 2004 where I used a great deal of margarine and eggs.  My doctor was horrified at my weight gain and my cholesterol.  He put me on drugs to start lowering the numbers.  I did start eating healthier but also in the back of my mind was the lurking idea that the medicine would do it all for me.

     This past summer I foolishly  pulled myself off of all my medicines.  I began a search about natural remedies and healthier cooking.  I don’t regret my search ,that was, and still is a good thing.  I decided I didn’t want to continue with my family doctor anymore.  I remembered a doctor that I had gone to church with in Clarksville, Tn.  He had mentioned that he liked to help people get off their medicines and use more herbs and vitamins.  That was tucked away in my head.

      I looked his clinic up on the internet and made an appointment.  Dr. David Haase is a graduate of Vanderbilt Medical School.  He founded his clinic to provide a more proactive  approach to healthy living.  You can find this clinic at : .  I saw his associate, Dr. Patricia Mitchum, MD.  I was so impressed that she gave me a full hour  to go over my history and make recommendations.  It was then that she told me that she wanted me to have a digital mammogram.  She ordered some extensive blood work.  We went over a list of vitamins that I needed to be taking.  I had just started taking vitamins again after I pulled myself off my medicines.  Initially, in addition to the vitamins I was taking, she put me on what I call my “broccoli” pill.  It has a high dose of curcumin in it.  I like broccoli but I’m just not going to cook it everyday.  She also put me on a very high dose of a mixture of B vitamins. 

      Within in 10 days, I could tell the B vitamins were really helping me with my tendency to be melancholy.  I had taken myself off of caffeine early in the summer but started craving it again as I went off my medicines.  The B vitamins I began taking really took my desire for caffeine away.  Today , I’m able to take or leave coffee.  Every once in awhile , I enjoy drinking coffee but basically I live a caffeine free life. 

     Dr. Mitchumn also stressed that I needed to stop eating foods with partially hydrogenated oils.  I knew that already but regular peanut butter is cheap and tastes so good.  Taking the plunge, I began buying Kroger natural peanut butter .  Later , I noticed that Kroger began selling a private label organic peanut butter. 

      When all the blood tests came back, it showed my  cholesterol was up again.  However,  my triglycerides and my HDL were fantastic.  I’m currently taking Red Yeast Rice capsules along with a stricter diet.  I go back to Dr. Mitchum after Thanksgiving and I should know  whether I’m making progress.

      I’m very picky now about not eating baked goods or peanut butter  with hydrogenated oil.  I use olive oil for my baking and when I do use eggs, they have to be cage free.  Sugar of any kind is not healthy on regular basis.  This also includes good sugars like honey. Moderation is the key word.  When I do use sugar, I use raw sugar that is unprocessed. 

      As Christians, we are to take care  of our bodies and souls.  Orthodox Christianity has helped me realize more about how special our bodies are.  Our regular fasting from rich foods has also began reforming  my many years of eating rich and often unhealthy foods.  When we are not filled to excess with rich foods, we are  better able to concentrate on prayer.  Also, with a simpler lifestyle of eating, we can give more money to the poor.  Our body, soul and spirt all work together while we are living on this earth.

      One real good internet source about healthy living is:  She has radio bites to listen to and an internet newletter that one can subscribe to.  I also have been checking good books out from our library.  I found a book on natural remedies for the home and yard entitled:  The Natural Formula Book for Home and Yard, edited by Dan Wallace.  I was able to order this book from  for one dollar plus shipping.  It has an entire section on healthier baking.   At the library, I also checked out Earl Mindell’s  Herb Bible.  I also ordered that for one dollar. 

     Mindell’s book is a wonderful quick reference.  There are many safe herbs that we can take for minor health problems.  For more serious healthy problems, always consult with a doctor.  Mindell has a list of 100 herbs that are safe to use.  He tells you the conditions they help and the dosage to take.  It is a wonderful resource. 

     We must be proactive in taking care of our spiritual and physical health.  With the possibility of breast cancer looming in my future, I don’t think I could ever go back to eating rich processed foods as a way of life. 

     So take a moment to think about your life and check these web sites out.  Here’s to our “Good Health” !




2 responses

13 11 2007
Lynnae @ Being Frugal

I love Pam Smith! I used to listen to her on the radio all the time, but then we moved, and we don’t get the same show down here. Thanks for reminding me about her.

It sounds like you know a lot about healthy diets. I dabble from time to time, but there’s so much to learn! One thing I wanted to ask….how does Olive Oil taste in baking? I use olive oil a lot in dinner type dishes, but I’ve always been afraid baked goods will taste funny with olive oil.

14 11 2007

As you know, I need to watch my own cholestorl numbers now. I am having problems with that. Please, mom, pray for me as I have to have wisdom in my own diet. Love Maria PS: Who is Lynnae who commented on your entry for today?

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