13 11 2007


St. Nicholas was born into a very wealthy family in Asia minor around 300 AD. His uncle was a bishop and recognized and nurtured godliness in Nicholas. His parents died and left him all of his wealth. St. Nicholas gave it all away to the poor and needy. He wanted to become an ascetic in the desert but the Lord made it plain to him that he was to serve his people.

He was eventually made the Archbishop of Myra. He traveled along with 318 other bishops to Constantinople to the first great church council. This council was to straighten out the heresy that Bishop Arius was spreading . This heresy was that Christ was a created being. Arius spoke on and on about his beliefs. Finally, ST. Nicholas struck him in the face. He was placed in jail and was stripped of being a bishop. However, Christ and the Virgin Mary appeared to him his first night in jail. Christ gave him the Gospels and the Virgin Mary gave him his episcopal stole. The other bishops had a vision of what happened and thus ST. Nicholas was able to be a bishop once again.

Another famous story is how he rescued three sisters from a life of degradation. He heard of their plight of losing their wealth. He threw a bag of gold through the window to rescue the first sister. Likewise, he did the same thing for the second sister. Finally, the father was curious to know where this gold was coming from. He sealed the window. The last sister washed her one change of clothes and hung them by the fireplace. When St. Nicholas couldn’t throw his gold through the window, he climbed up on the roof and threw the gold down the chimney. It landed in a stocking. This true story spun the folklore of Santa Claus in the West.

St. Nicholas was a wonderful theologian, administrator and shepherd of his people. He is the patron saint of sailors, children, and many others. He was buried in Asia Minor but in 1057 AD, the Pope of Rome had a vision that the relics of St. Nicolas belonged in Bari, Italy. St. Nicholas had predicted this before he died.




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14 11 2007

I had no idea that St. Nicholas had been thrown in jail! It is kind of comical to think of a saint being jailed! And he predicted that his own bones would be relics? That was interesting. Love Maria

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