Water lines, Jobs and Mammograms

7 11 2007

 November 7, 2207

     I’ve been writing about our broken line which we thought was a spring.  On Monday, I called a special type of plumber who repairs water lines.  He couldn’t believe the water company told us that we had a spring.  Our water bill never got higher so we just excepted all summer and into early fall that the constant drip into our basement was a spring.  It was controlled by a pump.  Then all of a sudden the water started being more than a drip.  The pump was delivering the water back into the other side of our basement.  It appears we need a whole, complete new water line.  I was mistaken when I wrote earlier that we had a new one put in ten years ago.  Jim told me it was only repaired.

     When this plumber told me all that he had to do, I thought that we might just as well move into the poor house.  When he gave me a figure of $1,000, I was greatly relieved.  That we could manage.  So the work will begin the end of this week or early next week.

     Now about jobs, Jim was presented late last week with three choices of job changes.  Neither of them was appealing to a 60 year old man.  One was to learn computer programs to register what he would be doing with 22 lb parts.  The other was the broach he ran years ago but he would have 12 hour shifts and work every other Sunday.  The third option was to have his salary frozen and be kind of runner for whatever is needed in the plant.  Jim chose the computer option but then his supervisor discouraged that.  He is now back on the broach and will have to miss church two Sundays a month.  It is either this or lose his job.  By the way his job for the past 14 years has been making parts for hydrolic motors. The runner job was discouraged also.  They really made the choice for Jim after all.  They will only put him in the runner position if he can’t manage the broach.  We’ve never faced employment that interferes with our  worship.  At almost 61 years of age, we feel that Jim needs to stay with his job.  We have good wages and good health insurance.  I know our faith will see us through this new change.  I’ll be keeping my readers posted on how he is doing.

     Now for mammograms.  I’ve been seeing a doctor who specializes in wellness instead of sickness.  She wanted me to have a digital mammogram since my mother died of breast cancer.  The only place close to offer such a state of the art x-ray is Vanderbilt Breast Center.  So Jim and I made a trip there two week ago.  I’ve been called back for more pictures of my right side.  It would be easy to write a script but I’m trying not to do that.  We have an appointment at 8:00 a.m. Friday morning.  Hopefully everything will be fine. 

     Father Stephen Rogers told me during my confession before my chrismation into the Orthodox church to always have a thankful heart.  I am thankful for my husband, my children, my grandchildren , for the fact that our home is almost paid for and that our car is paid for.  I’m thankful for friends, my church , the sunshine today, for my dogs and cats who provide comic relief in my everyday life.  Tell me what you are thankful for.  I would love to know.  Have a great Day!




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7 11 2007

I am thankful for God giving me the “best mamma in the whole world”! I am so proud of you, mom. Thank you for your endless and unconditional love and affection. Love Maria

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