One Hundred and Forty Gallons of Water

5 11 2007

Yes, that is how much water Jim bailed out of our basement on Saturday.  Ben came over and looked the situation over with Jim.  No spring this time, a major break in the water line.  Jim had been busy digging a ditch to keep the water out of the basement.  Grim news at a holiday time.  However, faith never grows unless it is stretched. 

  We do have a savings that will pay for most of the bill of having our yard dug up and a new line put in.  We did this 10 years ago.  I had expected  that job to last for much longer than 10 years.  The breath was knocked out of us but by the time we went to bed, we had plugged into our faith.  Christians are not protected from suffering.  That is part of our lives and it is what truly keeps us working on our salvation.  So this morning I will call someone who digs up yards and puts new lines in. 

On the bright side, we had a wonderful trip to our parish in Murfreesboro.  The Divine Liturgy is always the highlight of my week.  Seeing whole families worship together and taking the Eucharist is so wonderful.  We are outgrowing our rented facility and so Fr. John Oliver talked to us about how the planning is beginning for a new place to worship.  We have so many children.  Unlike most churches, our children stay in the worship service.  Mothers can take out restless children for a bit but we have no nursery.  I love it.  I enjoy watching all of these young families.  So it was a wonderful day of worship yesterday.  We are so thankful when we arrive home safely. May each of you have a wonderful day!




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