St. Elizabeth The New Martyr

4 11 2007


Recently, I wrote a summary of the saints of our parish.  Their icons are on the iconostasis ( or icon screen).  This is a large partition that separates the nave from the sanctury.   



St. Elizabeth is perhaps best known as being one of Queen Victoria’s grandchildren. Her sister , Alexandria, was married to Tsar Nicholas II. Her mother died when she was quite young and she was sent back to England to live under the influence of Queen Victoria.

When she was twenty years old, she married Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich. He was the fifth son of Tsar Alexander II of Russia. Having been raised in the Lutheran faith, Elizabeth took her time to study the Orthodox faith. When she had been married eight years, she was chrismated into the Holy Orthodox faith.

She lived during a time of political unrest in Russia. Many were rising up against the Tsar. Her husband was assassinated on 18 February 1905. Elizabeth , as a widow, sold her jewels and royal possessions in order to open the Martha and Mary home in Moscow. She became an Orthodox nun and devoted the rest of her life to helping others in need.

In May of 1918, she was taken to Perm, then Ekatarinburn, and lastly to Alapaevsk. On July 17 of that year she was taken to a mine shaft and left to die. She became a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad in 1984. In 1992, the Moscow Patriarch recognized her as a saint. St. Elizabeth inspires us to take care of the poor and needy.

St. Elizabeth is the patron saint of our parish.




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